Time Is Ticking So How Are We Communicating? What Are We Really Saying?

Do you ever stop and wonder how quickly time is passing?  Do you ever look at a loved one and notice the aging upon their skin?  Many of us take this life for granted because we are so distracted when it comes to the concept of time.  I mean if anything most of us don’t want to think about how short life is.  Most of our daily lives are spent at work and doing things we feel we are forced to in order to survive.  We rationalize spending time at jobs we don’t like, or on things that don’t matter because we tell ourselves we have to.  Some of us are struggling and for the time being may have to sacrifice, but a lot of us are in a great position for change.  I mean a lot of us don’t have much to lose other than our potential and future success by simply not acting.

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One thing I notice with my generation and the generation after me is how poorly people communicate.  Back in the day if you haven’t heard from someone in a while you probably got a call or made one, and you either had people concerned about you, or were the one concerned for someone else.  Nowadays we have people who take attention and energy, even precious time from others when they really aren’t willing to give anything in return.  For most you can’t always blame them, technology makes it easy to receive a lot of attention for not really doing much other than taking a photo and well, simply being attractive.  Most of the time it might just be dumb luck or just the way people and their responses correlate with certain stimuli especially visual.  We love colors and notification sounds because it is how are brains are wired.

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So where am I getting at here?  Yes the title talks about time fleeting so where am I going with “social media” or “selfie” talk?  Well, where I’m headed is towards the idea that we spend a lot of our time doing things that aren’t important for people who are probably even less important.  We indirectly connect with people by accident but we don’t necessarily like it when people aren’t paying attention to ourselves.  Does that make sense?  Here, let me clarify.

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In other words, as human beings we do appreciate, if not love attention!  I mean we are human.  We function based on energy transferred from our environment and from other human beings.  When someone looks at you and smiles or says hi, they are sharing their energy.  When a pretty girl, or a handsome guy, approaches you and pays you a compliment, usually, even if you are dating someone, it is probably going to make you feel good!  It seems dumb but those little tingles and butterflies, or electrified sensations are a way of energy coming and going from you and whoever you are interacting with. It feels natural, and it feels amazing!

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Depending on how you are individually, say an optimist or a pessimist, you might look at this topic and maybe not see a problem at all.  I mean perspective is key to practically everything, so one’s opinion and outlook on anything particular is relevant, don’t get me wrong.  I guess I just can’t help but notice and become frustrated based on what I see, and also my own feelings and experiences towards the way we interact and communicate with each other.  I guess I just feel sometimes as humans, we could do a lot better.

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I think it is important for us as humans to realize how mortal we are and to utilize that awareness, fear or anxiety, to push us to be better people.  Sometimes we must go backwards to get to where we need to be.  Sometimes we need less technology, not more.  Relationships and human interactions are something that nothing else can compare to.  We as humans thrive in couples, or groups and have always, to survive!  I guess I just want us all to remember what is important and to stop and “smell the roses”, to regain our consciousness.  Step out of the filters, posts, likes, and snapchats and connect on a deeper level.  Call instead of text, notice the different tones in someone’s voice, the things they might not be saying, but desperately telling you.  Become more observant, aware, connected.  Make time to meet up with people, look them in the eye, listen, feel, express.  I promise it won’t be a waste of your time.  If anything when it comes to your life and your time, doing so just might be your greatest investment yet!

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