Entrepreneuer Or Not? Do You Have What It Takes?

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So the term entrepreneur is popular amongst millennials and other generations but what does it entail?  What does your vision of an entrepreneur look like and it is identical or similar to what becoming one actually is?  I have asked myself this question many times.  At the age of 26 I have a lot of questions for myself and for my choices.  The past is the past but the future still hasn’t been written.  So I ask myself the same questions you have probably asked yourself.  Do I have what it takes?  Do I know what it entails?  Am I strong enough?  Am I born for this?

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Entrepreneurs are different because of their mindset.  They stand out because of what they believe in and how you they use it to push themselves beyond fear and beyond what others consider, “risk”!  They do things differently because they do not know how to live life any other way.  It is engrained in them to forge their own path and stand out amongst others in doing what they not only are passionate about, but what they unconditionally believe in.  Sure do some stumble across a passion and grow it organically into a business?  Absolutely.  However their are others that take a different and more wandering approach.  Some of us begin with thinking.  We obsess and daydream and utilize our minds to find solutions to our current angst and present struggle.  If we are not happy with life it is most likely because we want more out of it.  We shoot for the stars because we do not see the point in not pursuing things as far as are eyes can see.  The fear is the last thing on our mind because the end goal excites and ignites us too much.

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I never thought I would want to be an entrepreneur.  I never really even understood the concept.  Its funny because we went from a country built upon entrepreneurship, to one needing formal education in order to thrive.  Back then businesses formed based on skills passed down from generation to generation for survival.  We educated ourselves and delved into the sciences simply for human curiosity and the ability to wonder and to explore.  We wanted to question our existence.  We wanted to understand this world and this life for what it is.  We wanted to understand its potential and to push its limits!  We followed our hearts fueled by our God given souls!

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So do we have what it takes?  If you are reading this than you probably do.  You probably have that feeling that eats at you everyday.  You want to rest but you know there is work to be done.  You want to struggle, you want to be challenged and to know  pain as long as its worth it.  You know what it is like to work hard and to hate something you are forced to do. So what does it feel like to suffer and to fight towards something you “chose”, to do?  I think that if you think differently than most and are aware of that, than that is the beginning.  If you take physical action and utilize your mind and thoughts to create physical change, than you are already on your way.  This world and life as well as the people in it need those that forge their own paths.  There is always a better way to do something and creators and innovaters are the ticket.  They see “the forest for the trees”, no matter how tall or massive they are.

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As an entrepreneur innovation is a driving force.  Thinking of something new, or coming up with a better way of doing things is what it is all about.  It is the joy and satisfaction that comes from doing something on your own and making the world a better place.  You want to find your place in this world and fit in where you are needed.  You want to create a positive change and influence doing something you love.  You want to be happy and help to make others happy.  You want financial freedom so that way money doesn’t have to limit your creativity or vision.  You don’t want it to limit how much you can afford to help others in need.  Whatever it is you do, wherever you end up, keep believing in yourself until you find what you are looking for.  As long as you are breathing, you can keep fighting for your destiny.  If you refuse to give up and are willing to learn and to listen, then I have no doubt that you will succeed.  May we grow and prosper together.  For ourselves, and for this world and the people in it.  Now get moving.  There is only so much time.  I believe in you!

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