Should You Wait On Her?

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As a man life has its own meaning and purpose.  Men look at the world and try and tackle it on their own.  They strive and push themselves and try to understand the meaning of life.  Most men will meet a few women that will stand out among others.  I’d say a man will either fall in love a few times or at least come close.  It can be hard to tell.  One thing that is hard for any man is deciding on whether or not a woman is worth waiting for.  Is she worth the effort, is she worth the time?  If she is someone you had already dated before, is it even meant to be?  Should you just move forward?

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As men we all know how, “enticing”, a women can be.  I mean we go out and if you are downtown on a Friday or Saturday night you are bound to find a handful of women not only dressed well, but walking with a sort of seductive grace.  Women know how to naturally be attractive and as apart of the culture they do their best to well, look their best.  Although there are many that are appealing to say the least, and are extremely alluring, only a handful will come into our lives and make us feel something different.  Only a handful of women can make a man feel weak, or just like something isn’t right without them.  Weird right?

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So we know how challenging dating can be, we have been out and have met many different women, but like I mentioned, only a few thus far have stood out.  So the question is, if you haven’t gotten the response that you’ve wanted, if things aren’t really going anywhere, should you wait on her?  Should you try and be patient, should you remain available just in case?  Should you be thinking of them and hoping that they feel the same way?

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The answer is…?  No!  Did you guess right?  Yes, the answer is no, you shouldn’t wait.  Why?  Well, because you are someone that deserves to live your life and be happy.  If you have made multiple efforts, if you have been honest and sincere, what more can you do? Now sure could you continue to try or pursue, sure.  Especially if a woman is very vague hell, you can be led on for years and maybe not even know it.  In reality though, you shouldn’t have to beg for someone’s time and attention especially if you are a decent guy and have been willing to make effort.  Now aside from the short game, or the charm and bullshit you have to do to attract some women, at the end of the day the right one with some effort should give a mutual effort or response.  If they don’t, or they are just wanting you to chase, or they are being “vague” simply for “vague sake”, then you are probably wasting your time because that woman, much like many others, does not know what they hell she wants.  If you do, than you shouldn’t have to wait or make any other extra effort.  Someone out there is waiting for you and is willing to meet you half way.  If I were to give any advise, I’m just a guy myself, I’d say hold out for the right one.  Hold out for the one that feels right and keep trying.  Keep dating, keep learning, build and grow yourself as a person in general.  In the end what is meant to be will find you especially if you choose to never give up.  At least that is what I believe.  Good luck!

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