Good Morning Monday

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So Monday morning is back.  It came fast didn’t it?  Now that you are awake and ready to start the week, or are still attempting to wake up, nonetheless the week is here.  Right now for myself it is 6:27AM.  I’ve decided to get up because I couldn’t sleep anymore.  These days are usually productive because I’m moving a little earlier than normal.  So again, its Monday.  Lets dive right in shall we?

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If you have a short commute consider yourself lucky.  Traffic can be unpredictable, or worse, its always there.  When feeling groggy it can be hard to focus.  Try and drive safe. Once you get past the other drivers and over the fact that you may have forgot something you needed, the day begins!  You show up to work and if you are lucky, its off to a slow and steady start.  Again I said “if” you are lucky!

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On this beautiful Monday  you have managed to wake up on time, were able to beat the traffic, the day is start off to a  gradual start, which is a first.  However, you might not be out of the woods just yet.  Remember there is still that “morning person” you might run into.  Be on the look out!  “They’re vicious” and even worse, they are wide awake, unlike you!

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If you are one of those morning people, sorry if I have offended you.  Congratulations on actually being awake and fully functional before everyone else.  I’m sure your boss just loves you.  Okay okay, I’m done giving you a hard time.  You have taken enough this early in the morning, but than again, you are a morning person so this is probably nothing for you.  Despite a little teasing you are probably just getting started.  I’m sure by noon you will have completely optimized your workspace as well as ended world  hunger!  Thank God someone is awake!

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Alright, I know you have a lot to do on this busy Monday morning so I’ll keep it short.  If your boss catches you reading this he might make you do something this early in the morning.  Best to fly under the radar.  If you haven’t had anything to eat other than your liquid soul in the form of coffee, try grabbing something while you still have time.  I always had a better morning or day in general once I got some food in me.  You don’t really realize how “hangry” you are until you take a bite of food just to realize that you are no longer ready to “set the place on fire” starting with the morning people.  Relax!  It’s a joke.  We need the morning people to get things done while we are still wiping our eyes and snarling in the corner.  Hope this put a smile on your face or a least made you chuckle.  Good luck today and to the rest of the week.  Happy Monday everyone!  I need to go to the gym.  Oh no.  I’m starting to sound like a morning person!

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