Sunday Planning For Monday

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For some, Sunday’s might look like this image.  Relaxing, spending quality time with family or some friends, mentally preparing for the week.  Although a lot of people dread Monday’s, it gets even worse on Sundays because people develop anxiety about the week before it is even here.  Unfortunately some people probably feel they only have one day off a week verse the technical “two” days off.  Others might never take a day off and work a little bit each day.  Whatever your routine is if you are going to feel anxious about Monday even though it is Sunday, I might not hurt to do some small planning to set your week up for success.

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For one, adjusting your mindset, as just like in everything else, will help to reduce anxiety and stress tremendously.  Creating some simple plans can be very affective in organizing your week to help aleviate some of the sporadic thinking.  Making a list, map, or outline for the week of the key things you don’t want to forget, alone will make a huge difference.  When you have a plan in place all you have to do is show up on time, and execute it.  Even if problems arise you will be more able to adapt because you have a schedule that details everything else.  This can take a lot of the extra thinking out of the equation which will help you to remain calm if problems arise during inconvenient times.  You will then know how much time you have to fix something if it goes wrong.  This could be as simple as a big desk calendar.  I have one myself.

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The nice part about planning for the week is that it doesn’t have to take up your entire Sunday.  Just like any other day of the week, you can take an hour, few hours, or even a few minutes just to regroup and as I mentioned, make simple notes to guide you.  The little things can go a long way and they don’t have to take up all of your precious quality time you work so hard for.  I mean its bad enough that you probably have to spend five or six days out of seven during the week, just for work.  That isn’t fair and when you think about it, especially if you don’t like your job,  it can be rather draining.  It might make you want to give up.  If you do some careful planning however, you can become more efficient and make the most out of your time.  You most likely will find that you can squeeze more time out of each day by being more productive, that can add up during the week.  Maybe tackling a few things everyday Monday through Friday, say cleaning up small spaces in your home, will allow you to not have to try and clean the whole house on the weekend when everyone including the kids, are “at home!”  You can then do something else with your time that you are normally too busy for, like breathing for example!

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At the end of the day, week etc., don’t forget that even if nothing goes right, to try and smile.  Let this cute photo of a little girl and a bunny be enough to force a smile if needed.  I know sometimes its hard.  Try and maybe apply some of the tips I mentioned as well as come up with new ones!  There are a lot of articles or blogs that can help you to become for efficient so that you can get the most out of your day, and to even get the most out of your life.  You only have one so start living it the way you want to.  Start being happy like you need to!  Happy Sunday, better yet, happy almost Monday!

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