There Is Still Time

If you wonder whether or not you can change your life, or if you wonder if there is a different path that you can take from this moment forward, there is still time.  The meaning of this life and finding your true purpose within it is available to you as long as you are willing to question.  As long as you are willing to ask life, to ask this world, this universe, “is there more?”, than there is still time.  If you can begin to question and to change your way of thinking about your life, than there is still time to change it for the better and to reach your potential.  There is still time to tap into a deeper way of thinking and to grow your level of understanding as well as your overall perception.

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Do you ever catch yourself in the moment?  Do you ever stop and realize that you are in the middle of a passing second or minute? Do you realize how precious your life and time really are?  Do you ever just pause and become more conscious, like you have somehow how been awakened to what matters?  I know in moments of peace and silence on a beautiful day I will have moments where I am not only enjoying my life, but am feeling very connected to it.  It seems as if everything is in harmony and moving naturally.  Everything around me including myself is relaxed and in place.  Its blissful.  Wouldn’t it be nice to experience that for every moment of the day, for every moment of our entire lives?

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I believe that we can have those constant moments.  I believe that if we prioritize our own inner peace and happiness enough that it will find its way into becoming who we are.  It will spill over into our environment, our surroundings, and even our family and friendships.  We can filter out so much and begin to change what we let in and what we let stay.  I know on some days due to either circumstances or people, my life feels like chaos and completely out of control.  There are other days such as today however, where I feel so at peace and so happy as if I was in a different realm.  Finding how to make that feeling become more consistent is something that has my interest lately.  I feel that is is very important to feel and keep that peace.  I believe it is what will lead us to our true potential and success down the road.

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We all have our share of dreams.  We all have our “movie like” thoughts that play over and over in our heads each day.  We see ourselves as different people, we see our future’s with having different lifestyles, or people and influences.  We envision beyond our current circumstances.  It is was guides us and it is what drives us.  It keeps us positive and forever striving.  It gives us a reason for living, a reason to keep going even against the greatest of enemies and challenges.  Our dreams are what set us apart but also are what can keep us and this world together.  They are as necessary as we are.  I want you to remember that.  I want you to believe!

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