Why you can begin to achieve once you choose to remove your limitations

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Potential is developed over time and it takes seeds to grow it.  Growing your potential is something that doesn’t necessarily happen by adding more of something, but in fact, reveals itself when you start to take things away.  When you begin to peal back all of the different layers that cover up your potential, what you possess begins to be something very clear and very real.

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Have you ever noticed how when you go to search for something online how you get bombarded with information?  When it comes to searching for specific things on the internet you will most likely find yourself and what you are looking for, buried with many layers of “noise”, or for the lack of a better term, “stuff”!  What this does is cover up the very thing you are trying to find in the first place.  It is as if you lost your keys in your house and then decided to fill up your house with more things, which make it even harder to find your keys.  That wouldn’t really make much sense would it?  That circumstance is much like your potential.  If you are looking to unveil it and tap into its power, it would make more sense to dig it up and remove what has been burying it, versus adding more things on top of it to make it almost disappear all together.  Remember your goal is to find yourself and what you are meant for, not lose yourself and get caught in the dark even deeper than you were before.

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Something I have learned and have been working on is the ability to stop overanalyzing everything, particularly what I want to do with my life and my time.  I have a lot of potential but I used to always “think” my way out of something I got excited about trying.  Now anymore, I try and tell myself to just do it and see what happens.  I have been able to try new things more often and have been able to learn how to get comfortable with the feeling of new information and opportunity.  It is kind of like changing jobs and interviewing often enough to the point that when you go in for an interview for a new job or position, the fear, anxiety, or doubt has been conditioned out of you.  Now you just show up, remain confident, and execute your interview as if someone told you that you already got the job.  Make sense?

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Removing our mental limitations makes everyday life easier.  You can become that person that goes out to eat by yourself when before you were worried about how “alone” you might look.  You can learn to start asking people out on dates and learning to not fear rejection, and to take the power from all of the extra thoughts you create, out of the equation entirely.  You can develop assertiveness to ask for a well deserved promotion because the worst that can happen is that your boss says no.  Whatever it is, your confidence, potential, everything you need to live a successful and fulfilling life can be right in the palm of your hand.  Once you remove all of the noise you can begin to realize that everything you needed was right there all along, you just didn’t see it!

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