Five Daily Habits That Can Aid In Your Future Success

Being successful is not something that happens over night.  Success isn’t something that you were born with or have some special gene for.  Success is earned!  It is the result of discipline and consistency.  Discipline comes from consistent positive habits, and habits are formed by starting something new.  When you start something new and you make a conscious effort to continue to do something new the next day, the day after, and so on, you begin to change who you are.  You begin to change what you do with your time and form a habit.

Habits that have worked for my own success have been some simple changes but have been affective.

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#1. Changing your mindset to be more positive and having more self belief

I began to learn more about mindset through motivational speakers I started watching and listening to.  That started the spark.  I began to learn more about mindset, particularly growth mindset when I came across the book Mindset, written by Carol Dweck.  I began reading it and it changed my perspective on life and how I believe in myself.  It changed how I pursue things I have never tried.  It taught me how to take the fear and lack of understanding out of everything by learning more about whatever I was new to doing.

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#2.  Drinking more water not only to aid in workouts, but to help provide better sleep and less anxiety

When I drink at least a gallon of water or more I feel so much better throughout the day. With working out especially, and not always eating the best I can, drinking enough water helps to flush out salt and allow my body to function better.  Drinking water before bed has helped me to sleep better and to fall asleep faster.  I have also noticed that it feels easier on my heart.  Drinking water before bed as well as in the morning is a simple but affective way to feel better overall and to be able to tackle the day or night ahead.  When I do not drink enough water I do become more anxious overall especially if I have caffeine throughout the day.

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#3.  Daydreaming of the future 

People might look down upon daydreaming as if it is something only immature kids do.  However, daydreaming for myself, has been very beneficial.  I have always been a daydreamer and it has allowed me to continue to be creative.  Because I have practiced daydreaming for years I have opened up my thinking.  Our imagination is a great tool when it comes to solving problems and  just feeling good overall.  Sometimes my daydreams are so powerful that they have brought tears of joy to my eyes.  My entire body has tingled as if I was watching a movie or experiencing my daydream for real.  There is nothing like it!  You have to think that some of the most creative and innovative people to ever change this world for the better, began as dreamers!  They allowed themselves to keep dreaming even when everyone else chose to “grow up.”  Think about that for a second.  Your thoughts are very powerful and what you think about enough you eventually put to action.  Once you take action you have literally created change.

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#4.  Looking back on all of your accomplishemnts 

Looking forward is great but sometimes you focus too much on what you want versus what you already have.  Constantly having new goals is great!  Not appreciating and remembering what you have already done however, can be draining.  I can’t tell you how many times I have beat myself up when in reality I should have been proud of myself.  I have to remind myself that I have made changes for the better and am working hard on my own life and self growth.  I’m not the same man I was even a year ago.  Moving forward and looking ahead is something to keep doing.   Never forget though where you have come from and what you have survived or progressed through.

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#5.  Looking in the mirror and liking the person you see

Everyone wants to be successful and have a great life.  The problem is if you don’t like yourself, or who you are becoming, then nothing else will matter.  All of your progress, success, and rewards you have worked hard for, and have earned, will mean nothing if you are not someone you like.  Life gets challenging and things can change us for the time being.  That is why we have to be strong and to remember who we are and who we are striving to become.  We have to give this world and the people we love and care about our best selves, so that way we can lead by example.  Making mistakes are apart of the process.  Just keep the end goal in mind and know that positive change and self growth are ongoing tasks.  They are about finishing the race at the end and signing up for the next one.

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