So You Found The Love Of Your Life

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If you are single the love of your life might look like this photo!  No worries I’m still single too.  We will get to the love birds in a second.  If you are single you can find love too.  How?  You can start by finding love in everyday life.  Find where you love to work.  Find what you love to do.  Find who love to spend time with.  Find ways to give love back to others and to your community.  Love doesn’t have to be what most of us think.  Love exists in many different forms and we can still be involved with it, and learn to be patient until our time comes.

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Okay back to the love birds.  So you finally found the love of our life.  Congratulations!  You are rare.  You are someone that has a connection with someone else that most people will never get the chance to experience.  I’m talking about real love.  Not, “I need to be in a relationship” love.  Not, “they have a really great job and look good on paper”, love.  Not, “they are really attractive”, love, etc.  Your connection with the person you love is different from all of those things.  Your relationship is real because it exists and survives because of deep and true meaning.  Your love survived the tests and lasted over a long period of time.  Your love is real because it isn’t going anywhere.  Not because of settling, insecurity, or convenience, no.  Your love isn’t going anywhere because they simply don’t want to be anywhere else, with anyone else.  Your love is still around because of choice.  They want to be with you, they don’t want to go anywhere.  That is the difference.  They don’t “need” you, they “want” you.

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Although I may go on dates and am more open to meeting different kinds of women compared to when I was younger, at the end of the day I still choose the same way.  I may give you my time, some energy, even a little bit of my heart, but only ones who are willing to get involved past a certain point, will ever know who I am.  In other words, I’m still picky, and I still have my type.  If it isn’t there, even if a girl blew me off, it probably wasn’t someone I’d say was the one anyways.  Is that because I need to overcompensate for being shot down?  No, because despite my own insecurities I understand who I am and what I want.  Being single is a choice.  Not relating to a lot of people isn’t necessarily a bad thing even though sometimes it seems like it.  If anything, myself, or maybe even you, are so different to the point that it will take a long time for you to find the right one.  So, what’s wrong with having to wait?  What’s wrong with getting what you deserve, and what is rare, even if you have to wait longer than others?  If you finish the race, in this category, didn’t you win?

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So you found the love of your life.  What are you going to do with them?  How are you going to spend the rest of your lives together?  Will you travel?  Will you plan to have children?  Will you spend time dating or getting back to some of the things you used to do?  What’s the plan?  Although I technically wouldn’t know because I myself haven’t made it that far, I believe it sometimes becomes a little tricky.  Sometimes its hard setting new goals are maybe changing things around for the better.  You know you love them but maybe you feel you could be spending your time together with maybe a greater quality of life?  So what could you do to add more to what you already have so that it forever grows and becomes stronger than the day before?

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I’m no expert, and I am young, but if I had to guess I’d say finding ways to reinvent your relationship, and create new memories through adventure and some exploration, could go a long way.  There are certain moments when you are with the one you love that feel perfect.  I can remember both times when I was alone, just sitting on a bench enjoying nature by myself, and also times doing something similar with someone I loved or was dating at the time.  When you compare the two sometimes its hard to tell which is better, but usually I’d say most of us would agree that it is in fact better when we are next to the person we love.  Doing things alone is wonderful, but having someone to share the moment with on a deeper level, makes the moment that much better.

So you found the love of your life.  Once again congratulations!  My question for both of you is what are you going to do now?  What are your plans for today, tomorrow, a week or month from now?  Where do you want to go, where do you want to be?  I’m sure with having each other you two are capable of not only great love, but of great things.  Go and share that with the world and see what turns up.  Find ways to fall in love with each other all over again in different ways.  Keep growing, learning, and keep loving!

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