Confidence is necessary to continue

Self confidence is undervalued.  Having the right amount of confidence makes it easier to not only pursue what you desire, but to allow yourself to stick to your goals no matter what.  When you are confident and secure you are able to trust your inner voice and judgement.  You can utilize your intuition that has been personalized for you since the day you were born.  Every situation, every success, failure, hard lesson, everything has been an opportunity for self education.  Because of everything that you have been through personally, you have had the experience and opportunity to learn about yourself and how you and your skills and weakness, play a part in this world.  You learn more and more where you fit in, and even more importantly where you don’t.  So how is this beneficial?

When you experience adversity and when you start to stumble along, you begin to narrow your life down.  Life is wonderful but it is overwhelming.  There are so many things to fill up your mind and life both good and bad.  There are things that can inflate your ego, and there are things that can destroy it within seconds.  There are confirmation biases that are readily available for you to secure your deepest beliefs, and trick yourself into thinking that they are right, even if they are wrong.  There are advertising campaigns that can manipulate you into overindulging, especially when you are at a weak or vulnerable point.  There are also things that can help you or be everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but appear too good to be true.  There are opportunities hidden in plain sight that you might look at everyday.  Your job is to narrow everything down by setting boundaries.  How or when might you begin to set boundaries?

For starters, people are one of the biggest influences in our lives.  Our families, parents especially, play a large part in who we are and how we view the world.  Friends and closer acquaintances are also relevant.  Because we spend time with these kinds of people the most, they are more available to influence us.  This is good and bad.  These situations are where you will be tested in how well you know yourself.  If you know yourself you are able to stay true to yourself.  As you become older and more self confident based on your own experiences, you are more capable of making decisions even when they go against others and their personal beliefs.  Sometimes friends and family want what they think is best for us, but they can only see our lives, through their eyes.  This means that their opinions will always be skewed to some extent.  In many cases they might be right or influencing in a beneficial way but it is up to you to decide what is best.  This why you have to be patient in learning yourself and those around you.  You have to try and find the truth in everything the best that you can.

Overtime when you begin to know yourself more you can start to filter out people that are not healthy for you.  The less bad influences you have around you, the lest negative energy is available to clutter up your thinking space and interrupt your positive decisions.  Having self doubt is hard enough much less one someone else comes in a agrees with the little voice in your head telling you to give up.  If you are not strong enough, those outside influences along with your inner doubt will make you give up on anything and everything long before you even attempt to try.  This is why so many people give up on their dreams or settle for so much less for their lives.  It is so hard to battle against all of the outside pressure society places upon us.  Its hard to filter out the noise.

Whatever vision you have to better yourself or this world, it helps if you believe in yourself.  You can always learn things along the way or get help if you are not sure.  Surrounding yourself with positive and healthy influences can allow you to not only succeed, but grow!  Having the right energy around you can make life easier and more fulfilling.  I can’t tell you how good it feels when I run into people that have similar goals or mindsets like my own!  Some of them are even more driven, successful, or intelligent than I am.  This is wonderful because it means I have people I can learn from.  The more I find myself being surrounded with these kinds of people, the more my belief and confidence for my future grows.  That results in me being overwhelmingly happy!  You start to feel like you are in a place where you belong.  Don’t give on on figuring your life out and finding what and who is best for you.  I believe in the end it will be more than worth it!

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