How do you control your anger and frustration when you feel your back is against the wall?

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Many of us are working really hard at life.  We are trying different things and working desperately to change our lives for the better.  We end up hoping for the best but to be expected, we hit our fair share of road blocks.  We are in too far, we can’t give up and we know that, yet we are overwhelmed with frustration and even anger.  How do we control that?  How do we keep our composure and our discipline so that we do not hurt those around us, and so we can also stay focused and productive towards our goals?  How do we recognize being tested and pushed, in order to prove that we are worthy of our goals?

For one we knew going into our ventures that there were going to be challenges.  I mean there are challenges in a regular job or in life in general so why would they just go away?  We knew that.  The difference is now we are in it and we are apart of the process.  We took steps and actions and we have to remain patient.  Success does not happen over night and even against all odds or when challenges arise, we are still further than we were before.  We still made physical change and took action.  Even now despite the road blocks we refuse to give up because we want it too bad!  That is the difference between us and the majority of the world.  Most people don’t have the tenacity and the courage that we have and therefore that is why they settle for other things.  We however, can’t settle, we won’t settle, and we will eventually find our way.  It’s just who we are.

Whether you are trying to work for yourself, or start a new diet, changing jobs, moving, having kids, whatever it is, the challenges are apart of it all.  They are what mold us and develop us into stronger and more capable human beings.  They can make you better if you maintain the proper mindset and discipline.  If you refuse to give up and you learn from your mistakes you will grow at whatever you pursue in life.  You just have to be willing to roll with it and even at your lowest point know that you have more left in you. Your desire far outweighs your fear.  Your vision is far greater than your doubt.  You just have to regroup and stay focused.

Everyday anymore I try and reset.  Every weekend I say Monday will be a new week.  Every moment after the present is completely brand new.  Even in the next second we can choose to handle things differently based on what we have learned.  We can moved forward and try again.  We don’t have to give up, we can flip things around and turn things over.  We can continue to believe and make things happen for ourselves.  We just have to hold on and keep going.  That is how we grow stronger and become more deserving.  That is how we learn.  That is how, we win!

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