So what about this life?

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This life consists of right now.  The present moment is our reality.  Right here, right now, this is us.  We can look back, but we can’t change the past.  We can look forward, but we can only plan for it right now.  Time is precious because it isn’t promised and as humans we are mortal.  Even if we live to be in our seventies or eighties, the quality of life isn’t promised.  Some will die in there sleep peacefully, while others may suffer pain and agony, maybe even a tragedy.  We don’t know what will happen but we do know that in regards to a lot of things we have one precious tool.  We have choice!

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As humans we have more power than we might think.  We have more potential than others might give us credit for.  We have a history of doing incredible things both good, and evil.  I always like to think of the human body.  Whenever you think you can’t do something, and I’ve mentioned this before, think of your body.  If you don’t know much about how the human body works, learn!  Remember the topic of fear, and how knowledge can reduce fear?  Well when you learn more about the human body and how it works you can eliminate a lot of fear by creating understanding.  You can learn what it does, and why.  You can learn what food does what, and what is best for you.  You can learn how great you really are simply by being alive.  Just look at your body and see how it operates for decades to keep you alive throughout your entire life.  Your brain is always on, your heart is always pumping, it never stops.  How incredible is that?  How incredible are you?

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So what about this life?  What’s your move?  Are you going to hide, drown in fear, be bed ridden?  Are you going to let fear, doubt, pain, get in your way?  Can you afford to?  Will it kill you?  Will it keep you alive?  Our beliefs dictate our choices, and our choices can be very powerful because they literally affect our life.  We can make this life what we want but we have to fight for it.  Sometimes its hard, but it is always worth it.  You were created.  Even if the circumstances were not ideal, the fact is right now, you are alive.  You are in this world and you can serve a purpose.  You can not only help yourself, but you can grow and build so that you can help others.  If you don’t have a purpose yet, make doing right by someone else your first purpose.  See how far that takes you.  Now do you have to let someone take advantage of you?  No, you can change who you help and when.  That’s choice!  You will have to figure that out along the way.  Most things and people are temporary, but a few will be permanent.  You will figure it all out as you go.  You can learn.

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I want you to know how powerful your thoughts and ideas really are.  A lot of things that were once science fiction have become real.  Technology and evolution in our society and the world has moved forward exponentially.  The amazing part is that creative writers and story tellers have made predictions long before.  They used their imagination and their mind to create worlds.  Most people probably thought that it was crazy until now.  Now, a lot of it is real!  If you can think of something, to some extent you can probably come up with a way to make it happen.  I mean we can fly right?  Before it was with a plane.  Now with suits and new technology people are flying without being in a plane!  Do you see my point?  Just when you think you can’t, you can!  As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, theres a way!”  So find your will so that you can find your way.

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