This week should be your week. Today you should go for it!

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So how bad do you want success?  How bad do you want to be happy?  How bad do you want your life to change?  If it is bad enough then you are ready to start taking action.  Taking action is what gives you that feeling of actually doing something different because you are.  It can be challenging, but it feels right.  Even if you, like myself, struggle to turn a profit from your new changes, the fact that you are changing is important enough. If you are doing the things you are doing now just because you enjoy them and are willing to pay for them or sacrifice, than I think you may have found a true passion.  It isn’t about the money, its about the feeling.  The money will come.  Add money and profit to the list and  work on it just like everything else.  Eventually it will come.

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Success is how you want to define it!  To some its money, and a lot of it.  To others it is the amount they can give or sacrifice, for the betterment of someone else.  For you it might be fame, or maybe its self improvement, perhaps strength.  Whatever it is everyone has something that they consider a definition or a form of proof for success.  It creates a benchmark to work towards and strive for.  It helps set the goals and raise the bar in order to live a fulfilling life.  It is something we all say we want, but only a few are willing to work for, and probably even fewer that are capable of understanding what it is, or how to even define it for themselves.  That is why you have to be different in order to succeed.  You have to be willing to do what the majority are not willing to do.  Including believe!

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If someone tells you that your goals are too big, or that it’s impossible, stop and think.  Don’t even speak or argue especially if you don’t have an argument.  First think of why they are saying it.  Ask yourself if it is something even close to anything they have either done, or understand?  Ask yourself if it was even apart of their culture or upbringing especially if they are older than you, and are form an older generation.  Older generations a lot of time are tougher and harder in a sense.  They laid the grown work and the basic foundation for success and survival in the family.  They did what they could for you.  Although it is okay to be grateful, you must know that you have to use what has been given to you as far as opportunity, to continue to ascend your family success, not do the same, or break even and repeat what has been already done.  The whole point in my opinion, of providing and helping your children, is so that they can do the same for someone else.  They can provide not only for themselves, but for their children and future generations by leaping off of their parents foundation in order to reach even higher!  That is how I think growth and evolution not only begin, but continue.  That is how as humans we grow, survive, and adapt for our future.

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So this week I want you to have some courage.  I want you to take some time and try some new things that you have been thinking of.  Try some things to better yourself and those around you.  Motivate and inspire others through your example.  See what happens.  There is nothing wrong with measuring or calculating potential risk, but there are also many solutions to most problems.  You can learn along the way.  Making even the slightest of changes can make you feel really good inside.  Like I said, the best part is inspiring others because you had the courage do go where others were either too afraid of, or felt they didn’t have the opportunity to.  You could show them the difference between circumstance, and will.  You can show people how powerful “will” can be in comparison to circumstance, in comparison to fear!

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