Thirsty Thursday!

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Whether its that cold drink you are craving or the sexy bartender serving it to you, chances are, you’re probably thirsty!  Makes sense, its Thursday!  Tomorrow starts the weekend and you’ve had a long week.  You’ve grinded to make it through and maybe you are even on the up!  So what do you do now?  Well, you celebrate!  Grab one of your closest friends, maybe ride solo, and get out for a bit.  The weather is nice, the energy is up for the season, its time!

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Whether you and your best friend have some gossip to catch up on, or if you are two guys experiencing a drought, a couple drinks and the bar seen might be the place to go.  You can just have fun and enjoy talking about life.  If you are going through anything you can take this time to vent and laugh it all off.  I love going out with my brother or my best friend and finding ourselves just cracking up over the dumbest things, but things we can strongly relate too.  Whether you are a man or a woman you know how much fun it is complaining about the opposite sex and realizing how different you really are.  I’m laughing right now just at the thought of it!

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When you are your best friend or in this case, “bro”, go out there is usually something interesting that happens.  At least something interesting to talk about comes up.  It’s just how it goes.  As a guy I’m grateful to have some pretty cool best friends.  We don’t always get to see each other as much as I like.  Being 26 we are at that “grinding” stage of our lives.  We are all trying to get our shit together so maybe, just maybe, one day we can have these crazy little things call “children”.  Weird I know.  Every time I see my neighbors daughter playing, or someone I know like my brother and my niece, I’m like okay I want a daughter.  Its getting worse as I get older and I’m like oh boy, you are growing up Mike!

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Tonight I want you to have some fun.  Change things up a bit and connect with some people that you should probably make time for.  Send out some texts, make some calls and see what happens.  Maybe even plan a last minute date, or throw on some nice clothes and just look and feel good for you!  It’s Thirsty Thursday!

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