We have faith in things we cannot see. So why can’t we look in the mirror and start believing in what we can see?

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Do you ever ask yourself if you are capable of something?  Do you stop and contemplate whether or not you can or you can’t?  What if you started to live your life with the mindset of you can?  What if you started looking at yourself and began to live by the words, “I will!”  Could you imagine how differently your life would be even in just the next few moments?  I think that you and myself are powerful people.  I think that there is a lot out of this world and this life that we are going to achieve simply because of our beliefs.  Over time our thoughts and beliefs get stronger and once they start turning into action than that is when it all begins to change.

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Taking action requires practice.  Thinking that you can do something versus thinking that you can’t, also takes practice.  You can learn to do these things simply by becoming aware of what you are already doing.  You can ask yourself, “is this good for me?”  “Is this the kind of thinking that makes me happy or the kind of thinking that will help me get to where I want to go?”  If not than you know at least you are aware.  Once you become aware of whether or not your thoughts are moving in the right direction you can either change them, or strengthen and reinforce them.  You can learn to change your thoughts so that everything else including action follows suit.  You can change who you listen to, what you watch, what you read, everything that influences you!

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I want you to think about something.  I want you to think about all of the amazing people or things you have either learned about in school, seen online say in the Facebook newsfeed, or watched on the news or read in a book somewhere.  Wherever you received some sort of incredible influence that made you go “wow”, I want you to focus on that.  I want you to first narrow down and remember how that feeling was.  If it was what I think of, it was probably this overwhelming joy and excitement as if you had just whitenessed magic for the first time.  I want you to remember how good that felt and how you probably wanted more and more if you could.  So can you have more of that feeling?

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The answer is yes!  Yes you can!  I believe that the moment you experienced, much like moments I have had, are what we call “the spark!”  It is that precious moment where you stumble across something new that not only educates you, but motivates you!  It is something that you connect with instantly and want more of.  It is something where immediately after experiencing it, you begin to ask yourself, “well could I maybe do something like that?”  The answer is yes!  Yes you can!

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Okay I did choose this one because of the swearing, I’m sorry!  The point is yes you can!  One thing I have learned over time is that the more knowledge and information you possess on a subject, the more understanding you have, and because of that the less fear you have.  So how can you take that spark that excites you, and begin to remove the limits that create fear within you?  Well, you simply just have to make the choice that you are going to learn more.  How do you do that?  Well in this modern age I’m pretty sure you could even start with “Google”, and go from there!  You can then get books, or read online journals or talk to people in the industry!  You can do anything both challenging and easy to learn more.

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Did something used to scare you before you knew anything about it?  Yeah, me too!  That is normal believe it or not.  Things you don’t know about are supposed to scare you in my  opinion, to protect you.  You are a survivor by nature.  As a human believe it or not your goal is to survive.  Your brain doesn’t like things it doesn’t understand because it poses “risk!”  Risk can lead to danger or pain even if it is just emotional.  Enough emotional pain can lead to depression, enough depression could lead to starvation, and enough starvation could lead to death.  Although in most cases that is the extreme, in my opinion that is how the “brain” operates.  It is the mind however, that allows you to override certain thoughts and provide more understanding through consciousness.  It is how we learn and survive, and eventually thrive!  So what am I saying?  What I am saying is that fear is normal in your new pursuit, just self educate as much as possible to remove as much fear and unknown as possible. Fill up that negative space with new and positive understanding and knowledge.  Do that consistently and you will find yourself not only not fearing, but if anything educating others and being able to back up arguments against those that question you and what you are trying to do.  Its hard to argue against people trying to bring you down.  Their fear believe or not is probably greater than your own.  Strange isn’t it?

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People believe it or not can actually fear for you.  I know people including family that do this all of the time.  It is very influencing and hard to break through.  The reason this can pose a problem is because when you try new things you will not only deal with internal fear, but also external.  If battling the voice inside wasn’t hard enough, imagine looking into the eyes of your closest loved one, say even a spouse and having them look and say the words, “hunny I’m really afraid right now!”  “Hunny don’t you think what you are doing is really risky?”  “Sweetheart are you okay?”  “Is it the money?”  “You are talking crazy lately!”  Could you imagine that going into your mind with say three kids?  Yeah, a little challenging right?  Being able to deal with external noise and influence is not only one of the hardest things, but one of the necessary battles most are going to face when trying something new.  It will be up to you to know yourself and your limits and decide if that feeling inside is ready to break free.  If so, then be strong.  If not, maybe wait and gather more evidence and assure yourself more.  Things don’t always have to be rushed, but some things also cannot wait.  You have to make the choice.

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