How do you fight through the pain when your sick and don’t have time to be?

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When you get sick and even worse, when you are dealing with pain it doesn’t feel like you are going to get much accomplished.  When you get sick it feels like it is never going to end, and you might be asking yourself “why me and why now?”  The truth is that although it just feels like dumb luck, you were probably due for getting sick.  If it has been a while I guess your number was going to be up anyways.  So the first step is not to take it personally or internalize it, just know that these things happen, and they will come to pass.

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Now that you have stopped carrying emotional pain along with the physical pain, you can begin to ask yourself, “what can I do?”  Most people do have the ability to go to the doctor even without insurance.  It might be expensive or seem like it, but your health is important and you have to remember that.  You can’t work, have fun, or be productive if you are not well.  So in this moment although hard, bite the bullet and get some treatment.  Once you can get some medication, or even a healthy home remedy, focus on getting through.  Remember it will pass.  You are not internalizing the pain, you are treating the pain.   Now you must be patient.

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If you are like myself you know pain.  Physical, emotional, you’ve been there.  Because of that you have knowledge that will help you get through this challenging time.  You know that despite feeling exactly how you do right now, that in the end you will get better.  Think of it as another test.  You are strong and the universe knows that.  It likes to push you and test you.  It likes to see if it can break you just when you’ve made progress, or regained your spirit.  Know that, and don’t let it win.  You are stronger now more than ever, and that is because of your current pain and struggle.  You will get through this.  I am right there with you.  I’m going through pain and am trying to get better.  I will.  We will!

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