Sunday is for rest. So what do you do when you just can’t help but get something done? Can you work on Father’s Day?

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For some of us it is hard to detach from the work world.  It is difficult for us to step back and get away from everything.  There is always something to do, something to plan, or something to look at to get a head start to the week.  So if today is a day where you have to get something done then I guess do it.  It is father’s day so I’m sure for some it will be a challenge balancing work with family time, but for others it might not be so hard.

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Technology can be very useful but can also be addicting.  We can never get away form work or even other people sometimes because we are constantly connected.  With so many alerts, notifications, dates, social media videos etc., its hard to go “cave man” for a moment.  Even now I am a little bit under the weather and I can’t seem to sit still.  If anything I’m trying to be more productive than ever since I quit my job.  I’m trying to make it!

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Since it is Father’s Day, I would say slow down if you can.  If you have a family try and make time for them.  You might give time to them every day, but for some it isn’t that easy.  Even if you do see your family every day it might not be “quality time”.  Do what you think is best and what you think is right.  If spending time with the one’s you love is something you think you should do, then do it!  If not, take some time to yourself.  Just because it is a “holiday” I guess, doesn’t mean you have to give into the hype if you are just not feeling it.  Sometimes holidays don’t always go along with our personal schedules and plans.  So don’t stress it and just enjoy the day.  Work hard, or don’t!

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