If you knew how long you had to live would you do things differently?

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Is your life promised?  I mean is your life going to be there tomorrow?  I don’t know you so I’m asking.  Is your soul something you own?  Is it borrowed, or stolen?  Are you in control of whether or not you live to see the morning?  Are any of us really in control when it comes to being alive at any present moment?  I believe that we have choice but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are guaranteed time.

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Life is a beautiful and frustrating thing.  It has so many benefits yet also so many questions and challenges.  Some of us have a life that begins with joy and success while others are conceived right in the middle of pain, agony, and suffering.  We don’t get to choose where we begin, but we do get to choose where we are currently going, and where we want to go.  We can believe in the future and see it for what we want it to be.  We can change our own thoughts and acquire mental tools within that can allow us to adapt and evolve.  We can make it if we want to bad enough.  We can win!

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Do you believe in heaven?  Do you think it is a real place?  Do you think that if it is real, that it is a very peaceful place?  I’d like to think so.  Then again I guess I am somewhat of an optimist despite being a Christian.  You see I choose to believe not just in my faith, but in myself and in my vision of the future.  I believe I have enough control and enough power to make my life what I dream it to be.  I believe in myself because I know that I can achieve things.  I have achieved some things.  Even if you feel like you haven’t at some point in your life when you look back, I’m sure you have achieved things you didn’t even realize.  I guess that is the beauty of self discovery.  It is having the ability to look at yourself in a very special way, a way that is different then before.  You begin to have a different understanding that goes against any mistakes, or past failures.  You are aware that this life changes constantly and maybe that is why we as human beings are so imperfect.  Maybe perfection is a constant, where imperfection is infinite!

By the way these photos came up when I searched the word heaven.  I’d say heaven doesn’t look so bad to me.  What do you think?

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