Do what makes you excited and watch how great you become!

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Do what you love and do what you are passionate about.  When you focus on things you choose to do you put in more effort.  The best things to do are the things we pick up ourselves without being told.  Doing the things that we just decide to do without worry about comparison, without being asked, the things that are a personal choice, those things are what we should do.  We should be doing things that bring us joy and happiness.  We should be focusing on the things that matter even if everything else is lost.  We should be narrowing our thoughts and focusing our imagination and energy into the things that make us who we are.  We need to prioritize and make time for the things that we are meant to do.

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I don’t get paid to write this.  At least not yet.  In fact I am paying to run this blog.  So why am I doing it?  Is it because I have a goal to monetize it, well no I don’t think so.  I do it because I started writing more on Facebook and I wanted to channel that natural ability and feeling, into a place where it is meant to be.  I wanted to be able to take my thoughts, my feelings, emotions and vision and be able to share them with the world.  I wanted to have a platform that knows no borders, or city limits.  I wanted complete freedom to do what I’m beginning to start to think I do best.  That is to instill belief into others and inspire them to use their minds to change their reality, and control what they want out of life.

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Whether you like writing, working with wood, drawing or coloring, sewing, whatever it is, you should be doing it.  If you are not hurting other people, if you are happy and feel at peace doing these things, then do them!  I don’t care how busy you are, how afraid you are, how people might look at you, you need to be happy!  You deserve to find your identity through the things you love and are passionate about.  The world cannot get better if people like you don’t do what you are capable of, but more importantly, are destined to do!  Even just being a happier person because you choose to start doing what you love can affect everyone around you.  You can literally become happier and share that positive energy with others and change people’s lives!  It doesn’t take much!

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I may write about various subjects and try to push my creativity, but I know my niche within this blog.  It’s right here.  It’s having these deep conversations much like I would always have with people.  I would find myself always getting to the root of people I meet. I struggle to keep it light sometimes.  I can’t help it though!  I love getting people to open up and share with me who they are.  I love how I feel I can go on one date and learn more about a woman in a few hours, than some men might ever find out throughout their entire relationship.  I like asking the questions that need to be asked.  I like being deep and thinking about the bigger picture.  I want us all to look at ourselves and our lives and start asking ourselves what we truly want and desire!  Stop running from the truth!  Stop being afraid and just live your life the way you need to.  Stop living for other people because you will never be able to help them as well as you will when you are at your best.  You will never get there though if you don’t start doing what you love and finding your happiest self in those moments.  Do you, be you, and be happy.  Inspire others!  I think I am, and it feels amazing!

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