It’s Friday! The weekend is finally here! What are you planning on getting into tonight?

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So you made it through another tough week, good job!  Now you are free!  What do you have planned?  You might want to just lay low and rest up.  You might also be the type that is looking to get out and let go!  So what’s the plan?  Guys night?  Girls night?  Are you going solo and just seeing what happens (recommended if your friends are lame)?  Maybe you have a date planned?  Are you meeting someone for the first time?  Are you meeting someone you really like and have been dying to get to know?  Well, good for you!  It’s exciting isn’t it?

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If you are planning on staying in, this might look more of what you had in mind.  Not necessarily a bad thing!  Smashing pizza, wings, and throwing back a few cold ones is pretty awesome especially when you have nice weather.  Order up from your favorite place, grab a cooler, set up on your favorite lawn chair and kick back!  Thrown on some music with your bluetooth speaker and you are all set!

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If you have a family and life is usually crazier than you might like, then maybe the homestead is where you will be.  You probably will rent a movie and order some pizza, pop some popcorn and enjoy watching your little ones grow up before your eyes.  It seems times moves a lot faster once you have your own little minions running around.  Enjoy the time you can while they are still little.  Before you know it they will be driving and scaring the hell out of you and everyone else on the road.  So cherish these precious moments of safety.

Happy Friday everyone!

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