Where will you be poolside this summer?

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Summer is almost officially here.  So where will you be poolside?  Being on vacation or in your backyard creates wonderful memories and a relaxing environment.  When you hang out alone, with friends or family, it never hurts when you have a pool to go along with it.  Swimming is very relaxing and a great way to stay cool when the temperatures start rising during the season.  They are great way for kids to have fun and stay occupied while maybe you get some work done around the house especially in the yard.

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Photo by Boonkong Boonpeng on Pexels.com

I’m not going to lie, these photos are insane!  I love looking at pictures of all of these different places.  I’d love to travel more one day and experience more incredible views and places that feel like heaven.

Pools are awesome for parties especially on July 4th.  My family usually has a party for my parents anniversary around that day depending on how it falls in the year.  We always have fun with people we haven’t seen in a while.

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Umm….heyo!  Okay so for those that don’t drink no worries, but for those that do you know how delicious the taste of a cold beer or mixed drink is by the pool.  You know the feeling when you have your favorite sunglasses on, the sun is shining and your favorite drink is right where it needs to be.  You raise one hand up and it’s cheers to the people that matter and the people you just have a lot of fun with!

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Photo by Artur Roman on Pexels.com

If you are single then you also know the attraction of a pool.  When you go on vacation with friends and everyone is laying out there is always someone that catches your eye.  Some places you go are filled with beautiful people that are not only attractive, but really kind and welcoming.  I love that about traveling or going on vacation.  When you are in a place that is so beautiful and you are surrounded by people who are happy and letting it all go just like you, it’s a high!  Everything is natural and nothing feels like effort.  Evening making small talk somehow gets a lot easier when you are by the pool.

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