Hump Day!

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Okay so during the work week you probably feel like you are caught in the middle of nowhere!  Great news though, its hump day!  Yes its Wednesday and that means you have made it halfway through and if you live for the weekend, it’s just around the corner!

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If you have already had five cups of coffee and judging that where I’m at it is 11:32AM, you probably look and feel like the guy with his eyes closed.  You are happy and yet, somewhat foggy.  Most of us work really hard and it can be hard to stay driven or even focused.  No worries though, like I said the weekend is almost here and you will have made it through another grueling week yet again!

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If the weekend feels like this photo, I can definitely relate.  I love being fee and enjoying my time.  That is why I am trying to keep my “temporary retirement”, as permanent as possible.  I’m fighting for my dreams and trying to make it outside of the traditional work place.  I don’t know what will happen but taking a little risk and testing myself feels amazing!  Because of wanting to learn a little bit about the stock market I actually look forward to Monday’s.  I know weird right?  When you get up on your own because of doing something that you actually want to do, or are even passionate about it is so much easier.  Plus if you can find something to work at and get better at that is also convenient, you can do a lot of damage.  You can make more money in a smaller amount of time if you figure out what works for you.  I want to monetize the blog eventually, hopefully after this week.  I’m not saying I will make a killing right off the rip, but if I can get started that is way further than when this all was just a thought or concept.  Plus with other things I have been trying I have become an eager learner again.  It is a lot different than college which I have been struggling to finish and have quite frankly lost interest in.  I always told my mom that I found it funny how even though the real world is tough I felt more confident in tackling it than I did college a lot of times.  Is that strange, or is it the answer or my ticket?  I don’t know!

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Whether you are at work or with some loved ones or friends, pick each other up if you get the chance.  You can be the energy and positivity that others need.  I remember when  I worked at the hospital my boss said that I affected the people I worked with and the environment.  I didn’t realize it at first but I put a lot of energy into that place and tried to be happy and excited.  On my low days I felt like people were counting on me to be myself and when I didn’t deliver it was hard on them too.  I guess now I’m back to my better self.  I’m stronger now.  I have more fuel, more fight!  Now its all gas and no break.  Now I lead by example and I prove to the world what I’m worth!  What are you going to do about the rest of the day and week?  What is your energy?  What are you worth?  Be the difference.  Prove it!

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