Why do we keep going? How do we keep moving forward

Have you ever wanted to give up?  Did you ever notice that even though you could, even though the consequences with giving up on certain attempts in life might not be that bad, did you ever find it impossible?  Why do we keep going?  What possesses us?  Maybe we are little bit crazy.  Maybe we just don’t know how to accept our fate, or how to be like other people.  Maybe we just don’t quite fit in with everyone else and with doing the normal things people do.  We struggle to do a normal job, or to think small.  We don’t know how to go about our day without daydreaming to our brain’s capacity.  Why do we keep going in life?  How do we keep moving forward despite every challenge or person that stands in our way?

Lately I have put pressure on myself because I want results right away.  I want to try a few things and have been focusing on two of the three mainly.  I’m worried that the third thing won’t come true because I’m not putting enough time and energy into it.  I’m afraid for some reason, I think of progressing.  I was just having a conversation with my mother how nice it would have been to say, “well you know as a kid I just dabbled into this one thing, and I grew my passion naturally to the success I am today!”  Unfortunetly that isn’t the case.  Back was I was a kid I played sports, I listened to music, I played outside, and that was it!  Now I’m trying things I have never even thought I would have an interest in, but feel I need to in order to get anywhere in life.  Plus I’m older now and a lot has changed.  I’m growing.  I need to survive!  I need to thrive!

I keep telling myself just keep going.  I keep praying and I tell myself just have faith.  It will all come, it won’t be easy, but it will all come in time.  Just keep going Mike, just keep going.  It’s hard because I see myself from the inside out when most people I feel, see me from the outside in.  I might look tall and strong on the outside but it is what is happening on the inside that you should be interested in.  My heart, my mind, my imagination and my soul are what is creating this blog.  Those things are what are driving my vision, my future self.  Those things are what most people will never get a chance to see because they can’t get passed a certain point.  Most people just don’t have time to figure out who “we” really are.  What is on the inside is driving me to pursue all of my dreams not just this one.

We keep going because it’s just what we do.  We keep moving forward because we don’t have any other choice and the world and our own spirit need our future success.  We need the light at the end of the tunnel because we have been seeing it for so long in our minds.  We have created the world we want and are meant for versus are reality, and it has become apart of who we are.  We try and be grateful for the present moment but let’s face it people like us are where we are because of our vision of the future.  It is because we constantly choose to think and see ahead.  We can’t go back to just accepting the simple life.  We enjoy simple moments but we mainly strive for greatness!

We strive for we are competitive.  We know who we are and deep down that is enough.  At the same time it isn’t because we want the world to see what we will do next!  We want a legacy so we can set an example for those that lose hope.  We want history to remember our name and to remember all the good we have done.  We want those that come after us to have it easier because of us.  It is what we were meant for.  It is what God created us for.  So I ask again why do we keep going?  How do we keep moving forward?  Then again, I think we already know the answer to that now don’t we.

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