How to block out the noise and distractions that are killing your momentum

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Does your mind and your thoughts ever feel like this photo?  Do they ever just drive you crazy sometimes and seem to be filled with nothing but “noise?”  I know that feeling all too well and it is hard to be productive.  There is so much stimulating us everyday with technology and our environments that it makes it hard to stick to your own path.  You want to be happy, you want to pursue your goals and your dreams, you just need to figure out how to block everything and everyone else out including your own self doubt.  You need to focus on yourself and set yourself up for personal growth and success.

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So you have one or even a few things that you are trying to accomplish for your life.  You know what they are, maybe you have even dabbled in them here and there, but you need to focus.  You know you will never turn a hobby or a passion into anything more unless you give it the time and effort it and you deserve.  This is hard when you are constantly distracted by everyone and everything around you.  If you are like myself you are probably amazed at how many people do not think or feel like you do.  Their dreams and visions are maybe not as out of the box and therefore it is hard to relate.  My own struggle is I feel I need to isolate myself.  I need to move out on my own and surround myself with ways to be successful.  Even just being away from bad food and things that tempt me away from personal goals like dieting or better overall health would make a world of difference.

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I’ve mentioned before that writing everything down helps.  Lately, although they are somewhat scattered or disorganized, I have been making more daily lists.  I need to get a planner and my goal is to make lists everyday of things I want to accomplish.  Even if it is something as little as taking out the trash or cleaning up a particular room, when you write everything down and check it off you not only feel accomplished, but you have evidence to prove it.  You can apply this to having a list of goals to focus on and at the end of the day, be held accountable for.  You can look at your list and know whether or not you got done what you were supposed to in order to start changing your life.  Since I haven’t been working lately I have been trying to be as productive as possible each day.  I’ve been trying to get done the things I have always “talked” about.  It is a challenge but when I look back I can say that there are a few things I have done for sure.  I might not have if I didn’t fight for them or even slightly obsess over them.

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