Alright ladies its Saturday and it’s time for that little black dress


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Arlight ladies, so its Saturday night and you are looking to do your thing.  If you are single or are just wanting to feel good and look sexy, you probably are going to find tucked away in your closet, your very own little black dress.

Men love it when they see it, but also hate how well it works!  The little black dress isn’t just an outfit, it’s a statement, an attitude.  You work hard, you are strong, and most likely especially if you are single, are someone who is very independent.  You don’t need anyone much less a man, and that dress that hugs you just right is for you and no one else!  You chose it because tonight you wanted a little bit of power.  Well, you got it!

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The right kind of woman knows how to use the dress.  It becomes apart of her.  Combine it with a pair of heels and most men are going to either look right into those seductive eyes, or avoid eye contact entirely!  They are either going to crave you, or fear you.  Then again that’s apart of the fun with going out with the intent of not only looking great, but just doing your thing and killing it when you walk into a room.

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Whether you are out with some friends or are riding solo, tonight is about you!  You feel good, you look great, and you deserve to be happy!  You deserve that feeling inside that feels like everything in the moment is perfect!  You’ve earned it!  If you are a mother and give everything to your children and your family you deserve this!  Go out, have fun, and do you!

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