So you had a good night. How do you make it a good morning?

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If you are like most people your Friday night last night probably kicked off with a couple of these bad boys.  Yeah what you are looking at here are a couple strong, handsome shots.  Now these boys seem like the life of the party and some folks you want to be around.  Don’t underestimate their charm because I can promise you by the next morning these little devils will go from your stomach, right up to your head.  So how do you survive the next day?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I am currently recovering from the night myself.

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So how do you cure that enjoyable hangover that feels like you have a little contractor inside your skull with a jack hammer and some dynamite!  Actually it’s not that difficult.  For starters you are going to need this lovely element to life called, “water!”  I know it sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  That is the first step.  I’m not going to lie looking at that blue is making me thirsty.  To think at night its women and in the morning its water!  Funny how that works.  Try keep up with my sense of humor, I’m trying to be funny here again.

aroma beverage blur citrus
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Next step is some delicious OJ. This is just a personal preference.  Orange juice and some water is a good way to get something in your stomach while keeping it light.  Some mango would probably be very beneficial so you might have to experiment a bit.  I love the refreshing taste of a full glass of orange juice poured from a brand new crisp carton.

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Okay so I do exactly know what all  is in this photo because I don’t really eat that well, but this all looks like some things you probably should eat.  Get some good food in you and maybe try some sort of electrolyte.  I hear it always does wonders and I feel that personally it has been successful.  Today I had to go to the mall again for my phone and this time instead of the screen they just replaced the phone.  This brings me to my next solution to kick the day off on a good note.  The mall has a lovely island of magic called Starbucks!

pink carnation flower and pink rose flower in clear glass vase beside mug of coffee
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So coffee does some magical things when you are trying to wake up and function the next day after a good night out.  While waiting for my phone I got some sort or delicious frappuccino that I had with a couple shots of espresso.  That combined with a little sushi brought me back to life and got me on my way with a new and functioning phone.  Everyone is different and these things might not work for you.  So ask yourself what little remedies can help you in your everyday life?  What do you enjoy or what do you find to be effective?

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