So why Choose To Believe?

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So why do we choose to believe? Well, can you really afford not to?  Whether it’s believing in God or believing in yourself can you really afford not to?  How far will you really go if you cannot believe in something more or something that is greater than your present moment.  Imagination is one of the most underrated superpowers that us humans posses.  You can take a thought and begin to turn it into an action.  Your action can then transfer into other people.  Those people can then spread that into others.  You can literally change the world simply with a new thought.  Your thoughts can provoke you to take the action that you were meant for.  It is much more powerful than most people can even begin to conceive.

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Have you ever had a crush?  Have you ever had someone so much in your mind that it felt as if they were laying right next to you?  I have.  The women I yearn for but either can’t have or once had, I think of most before I go to bed and even more so when I wake up.  Sometimes I wonder if they can feel my thoughts.  I wonder if when I am thinking of them, if maybe they are thinking of me.  I mean we all are connected to each other in some way and are connected to the world.  I just wonder how these connections work and how our individual minds tap into the universe and reach their potential.

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So why choose to believe?  Why did I make this blog?  Why do I even care about helping myself or others?  Why do I care to open up or relate?  Well, I have asked myself those questions along with many others my entire life?  Why care, why feel, why think deeply or overanalyze.  All I really have come up with is the fact that it is who I am and more importantly who I was meant to be.  I can’t change it and if anything it was probably predestined.  We are all meant for certain things, it’s just a matter of how much we listen and how far we follow the path.

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One thing you can believe in much like I do, is love.  Love is something I want but am also trying to be patient with.  I’m not average so why would my love life be average?  Why would my path be so predictable or so immediate?  Why would it be like other’s?  It really wouldn’t be when you stop and look at who I am and how far I’ve come.  My path has twists and turns and it is always changing.  I like that and have continued to fuel that life.  I’m always ready for what is going to happen next even though I have no clue what is going on.  All I can say is that I have a belief and a general feeling that things are going to happen.  It starts with your mind and eventually reaches outward into your reality and that is how I think change happens.  It begins with a clear and very powerful thought.

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If you really want something in particular out of life you need to begin thinking about it. Think long, think hard.  Think randomly and imagine things about your desires.  Paint a mental picture and see how far you can create into the future.  How detailed can your day dreams become and how does that make you feel?  If it makes you feel really good and makes you want to keep daydreaming is that something you can eventually make a reality?  I believe that the answer most likely is yes.  At least to some extent you can find ways into making things happen.  People used to think that as humans we could not fly.  Well, alone we couldn’t, but with some creative thought we found a way.  It may not have been what people interpreted initially but it was really close.  Think of how close you can get to your dreams versus how far away from them you actually are.

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