What happens next once you begin to try?

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The hardest part about any pursuit or venture is learning how to try.  It’s learning how to start.  It’s learning how to overcome your own self doubt.  You get in your own way when it is time to change.  You put up the mental road blocks and allow yourself to give into the fear of being happy and doing what others don’t do.  We get brainwashed into thinking that we aren’t deserving of the “cheat code” to our lives that no one else seems to be utilizing.  It’s as if that when we are doing or being the norm that somehow we aren’t allowed to live in joy and the success that follows deviance.  Being different and strange all the way up to success is somehow only talked about when we think of great scientists or pioneers that we know only from our history books.

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So say you are a little crooked or you don’t fit in.  Say you are different or think differently than those around you.  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  You can be the nicest person in the world that has the utmost respect for others and at the same time go completely against the norm.  You may even feel like you are being punished for it because those that surround you don’t like how you do things.  That’s okay!  You have to understand that people fear change and fear what is different!  They are most likely very insecure and completely unaware of it.  Some of us really don’t know ourselves and our own issues until we get older and mature.  Some of us don’t self assess and analyze our own flaws and see if we can get better.  Some people will never be positive and you have to learn how to grow through that and understand those kind of people for who and what they are.  Don’t let them stop you from being your best and helping yourself and others.  Try not to take it personally and think beyond their limited vision.

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The more you stay true to yourself the more you can eventually find like minded people. Even better than that you can eventually find people who’s ideas are greater than your own and that you can learn from.  They will help you grow!  As long as you keep believing and searching for what makes you happy, and are willing to make changes as far as your environment and your company, you will get to where you want with who you want.  Try and be patient and like they say, “respect the process.”  Things will take some time but they don’t have to be forever.  You can get their sooner by hard work and effort.  Remember though everyone at some point will have some slow moments or moments of regression.  That I think just comes with the territory.  Sometimes you might have to go backwards in order to get to the intersection where you made the wrong turn in the first place.  In the end if you end up at your proper destination, it will all be worth it.  Better late than never right?

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