The pen is still mightier than the sword

Words have been known for their power since the beginning of time.  They have waged war, organized battle formations, and tor down walls of tyranny.  They have united nations, reignited the human spirit, and have turned Gods and beliefs into religions.  Words as we know, have mended hearts and shattered hearts.  They evoke passion through media, and social media.  Words can turn compliments into existence, and lies into undoubted truths.  Words used for good, can do all things great.  Words used for evil, can destroy all good things.

Everyday we use words.  Even those that cannot speak and have to sign use words all the same.  Weather you can speak, hear, or even see, you will always feel the power of a word.  On holidays or birthdays you get the cards that bring tears to your eyes and make you hug your closest loved ones.  They connect everything you know together and make it feel destined to be.  A man can kneel on one knee and with the right words acquire the soul of even the most powerful of women.  Words are everything and as humans we are everything because of words.

When you were first born your parents used the words, “I love you!”  When you first began to walk or speak you were affirmed by words of encouragement.  Through childhood and adolesenence you were most likily punished or reinforced by words.  They helped you to grow and develop into the best person you could be.  On your wedding day literally two words, the words “I do”, profess to the entire world your undoubted commitment to your soulmate and dearest friend.

When you were in middle school or high school your coach said some words to you.  You know who they are and you know what they said.  You remember and will never forget the words that changed your life forever.  You will never forget the first person to tell you, “you can’t”, and the one person that finally told you, “you can!”  You will never forget the day you saved someone’s life by asking them if they were okay, or the time you first used words that could kill.  Regret that follows harsh words are something most of us won’t ever forget.

You may not be so good with words but you can work on that.  You can get better through practice and belief that you can.  You can read words that encourage you and tell you that you are capable of just that.  You can read blogs like mine, or listen to motivational speakers like I have.  You can surround yourself with positive and uplifting words all day every day until you know no negative ones.  You may even be able to use a thesaurus in order to change your vocabulary into one that has more positive words than negative.  Words are very interesting and posses their own beauty and strength.  They are probably a lot like you.

Remember the responsibility and power that comes along with words.  Whenever you argue with your spouse, or go on a Facebook rant, your words have power.  Remember the next time you tell someone something, or yell at someone for something, the power of what you say.  Remember how much good you can do with a few words versus all of the evil.  Right now, tonight, tomorrow, you can use words to create positive change in this world.  If I can, so can you!

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