So you quit your job and trying to roll the dice for the first time? What happens next?

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Well, for one celebrate, you just had the courage to quit your job!  Many people work the same job their entire lives and never leave and never try anything new.  So like me you quit your job, took a leap and now have some down time.  So what do you do next?

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For one I highly recommend celebrating your freedom.  Even if you were jobless for a week or even a few weeks embrace it!  Enjoy the break from the rat race.  When everyone else is getting u[ for work with crusty eyes and an annoying alarm clock blaring in their ear, you wake up to the sun and a warm cup of coffee. Oh and you get  to wake up to the best part, your freedom!  Yes, today you know no clocks, you know no time, for today is the first time you took a breath and didn’t count how long it took you.

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So what are you going to do next?  Well, that was the first thing everyone asked me at least before choking on whatever air they had in their lungs at the moment.  Everyone was so scared for me and I think some are still concerned.  For one I was like, “chill out”, its going to be okay.  I live at home with my parents still and stumbling through college, pretending like I enjoy working towards my predetermined “dream” that everyone else approves of, and to be honest has no certainty for success, fulfillment, or happiness.  But hey, it sure as hell looks good on paper right?

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So I’m sitting in a local bar and writing this and it is so relaxing and so peaceful.  There is one other person in here and some music playing.  The sun is out and the weather is warm but not too warm.  Its 5.44PM and I’m already excited about tomorrow.  I used to dread the next day because I felt work already predetermined my life for that day, and for the week.  Eventually I felt chained to it.  I was slowly getting sucked into “the real world”, and falling into the same trap everyone else does.  I may not always get up on time or as early as I should but let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to get up early in the morning because you choose to versus had to.  I’m becoming more productive in the mornings and throughout the day in general and that is what is making me happy!  Now could I do that on work days or on school days, sure, but it felt impossible and it felt like drowning.

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So what am I doing with my time?  Am I some loser or some drifter?  Well I guess that depends on who is reading this.  I guess that depends on your own outlook and what I’m going to tell you next?  For starters, I still workout everyday, but that has been a little boring lately.  I have been writing more which has been very enjoyable and fun.  When I create these posts I feel myself growing and making progress on something I never really did before.  I want to monetize the blog and that is the next step.  I like having these little goals and learning along the way how to do things most people probably thought I wasn’t capable of.  I’m still looking at stocks and trying to learn them as well.  The challenge is trying to keep all of my goals and visions in order and being more efficient with the time that I have now.  If I can stay afloat doing side work here and there or odd jobs I’m going to as long as God gives me the opportunity.

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I recently reached out to a DJ that I have been in touch with before.  He is not only successful but a very nice person.  We worked out a deal that seems more than fair.  He seems like a good mentor and just an honest guy.  He is someone who I wasn’t really able to make time for as far as learning because I was working on days he was available.  This was probably a year or two ago.  You can imagine how hard it is sometimes to not give up on dreams or ideas and trying to bring them back to life later on.  I’ve mentioned before that if you are not taking action yet, at the very least keep your dreams alive and you will find a way eventually to fulfill them, or at least give them a “college try”.

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If you are like me I want you to dream and dream some more.  I want you to push your imagination beyond your own limits.  I want you to test your self belief and your own ability to learn and achieve.  You like myself know how hard you work at things you don’t like or hate.  Imagine what you are capable of if you give the things that matter to you the time of day.  Your dreams want you just as much as you want them.  Give them the time and the nurturing that they need and watch what doors they begin to open up for you.  At the end of the day isn’t just being happy about waking up worth it in the long run?

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