What she’s trying to tell you versus what she knows how to say

So you see the woman of your dreams, or least one beautiful enough to make an effort towards.  She is everything you look for especially if you have a specific type.  I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have a type.  It’s hard to date because I can usually just tell by looking at a woman either what I feel or what I’m potentially going to feel.  There are some that are cute to me, but one, that one type, well they can make a man feel like he’s been missing the one thing in life that can change everything for the better.

So women are very coy am I right?  Women love subtlety and almost use it to come off completely neutral.  Now do women give off the so called “cues” men should look for?  Well sure, sometimes.  But that sort of body langue is hard to translate and interpret especially if you are not exactly a dating expert.  The problem is there is a huge disconnect between men and women and with technology its only getting worse.  Am I just a pessimist? You tell me!

Many women want something but have no clue what that something is.  Depending on age every woman is looking for something different.  The problem is a lot of women are looking for the completely wrong man and don’t even realize they are using the wrong “search criteria”.  This in my opinion, leaves them hopelessly lost and in a cyclical dating life of men they don’t really want.  Eventually a guy with a decent amount of cash, or even men who make the average income, is going to throw a ring at her and she’ll bite simply because it fits the “dating narrative”.  Women love painting the romantic pictures and filling up the spaces in between with what they “think”, is true love.  So again you see that gorgeous woman and you are wondering what she is desperately trying to tell you?  Remember this is my opinion so ladies don’t come after my head.   Please I only have one!

So lets break it down.  So if you are reading this and are still in middle school or high school you know you are probably in “puppy love”. You are feeling for the first time and your ability to love deeply or be truly in love, might be limited.  The key word being “might”.  I’ve heard of many stories where a high school sweetheart was love at first sight, and those couples ended up married being happily ever after.  I still believe in those to a point but I personally am too complex for it to be that simple at least for me.

So if a woman is still in high school there is a chance she is growing and maturing physically faster than she is aware of what she wants or needs.  College on the other hand,  or better yet the college age say 19-23 is a little bit different.  Many women are looking to get on track with life.  They are eager for a successful career and to become more driven and goal oriented.  They want to date but many are coming out of their long and heart wrenching higshcool relationships  ready to let loose enjoying the college experience.  They may even party a bit.  It’s their time.  This is why I find it hard for anyone to date during this time frame because many young women seem like they want to date but probably shouldn’t.  If they haven’t been single longer than six months they might be jumping into something out of  habit, thus potentially are struggling to deal with being alone.

Then there is my age.  We will say 24 to 26.  If a woman has found her career than she is getting ready to either date, or focus on her dreams that much more.  Although the dream seekers are usually very busy and seem like they don’t have time for love, they probably just are really confident and happy with what they have, or just haven’t found someone worth the distraction or potential risk.  If they are happy and successful why risk ruining that dating shitty men.  Plus if a woman is strong and whole she doesn’t need a man to be happy and can smell anything less from a mile away.  On the other hand she could just be terrified at having to maybe take the “next step”.

Now to my one of my favorites the good old 30’s.  Yes, these woman are not only fun and sexy, but are direct.  They are confident, bold and have no problem pulling a man over and letting them know exactly what they are thinking.  If you are out and you have a few drinks, as a young man you just might learn a thing or two worth writing about.  Hint hint!  These women either have kids or are divorced, or both, and they just want to remember what its like to go out and have a good time. Getting away from all of the harsh pressures of life is their main focus.  If she is 39 and reading this then she knows she is one I’m thinking of at the moment.  Anyone think she will see this sentence?  Hey worth a shot right?  By the way that is a theoretical age, I’m sure by her looks she is more like 29, again wink wink.

Okay so finally to the point!  Women are all looking for different things in the small details but only are looking for one thing when it comes to the big picture.  Every woman wants a man to come along and break through all of their bullshit.  Any excuse, or “I’m too busy”, “got a lot going on”, or “I just got out of a relationship”, are all shallow road blocks meant to drown out all of the guys that will never make the cut, much less dip a toe in the water.  Women believe it or not struggle to communicate or tell men like it is.  Communication is something all of us probably need to work on in order to get anywhere in life and to even come close to what our hearts truly desire.

So women start saying what you feel, and men start getting creative with your approach and self educate.  Learn, try, fail as many times as it takes until you learn how enjoy the chaos and confusion that come along with what I guess is “modern dating”.  Try and keep it light hearted and have a little fun.

Good luck!

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