What if we gave more, just when we started to have less?

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What if we gave more when we had less?  We all say that when we make it we are going to give more.  We tell ourselves when we get our sh*t together that we are going to help more.  I struggle to give more now and just see where it leads me.  They say if you give more especially when you have less that more will come to you.  I feel they say that in those moments God will provide.  The hardest part about that and the hardest part about being human, is that we are so scared to not look out for ourselves.

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So I’m at home with my mom and she is working on the computer.  Funny, so am I!  I thinking right now how my life could change if I just stared to help more.  If I could swallow my pride, if I could pry open my best self, I could potentially change everything. If I could let go of the past, if I could stop making excuses, maybe I could become better.  I know I’m older now but I always think of when I was younger.  As children we are so pure and so close to God.  As we get older, and I’ve mentioned this before, I feel we walk more on our own.  Its hard though because as God gives us more tools and responsibility we gain more free will.  With that free will though sometimes we can make poor choices and lose that childlike innocence.  I guess the big question is, how do we get it back?

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When you help other people you can find a way to selflessness.  You can become humble and you can begin shedding all that you need to leave behind.  You can start new and fresh.  This life for some is so hard and we all are so quick to judge.  Think though if given the cards some are dealt, is the probability of them not being in their current circumstance really that high?  Is their hand really that good?  Or is it just something we think they should have because we know what its like to win.

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Do you want to know where these current photos come from?  I use the tool that I get with creating this site for most of the photos you see.  What I love about it is seeing what comes up when I use a search word.  Did you know that all of the photos in this post stem from the same search word?  Can you guess what that word is?

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Have you figured it out yet?  The word, is “help”!  Help is the key to everything.  Asking for it, giving it, just help!  It’s that simple.  Help!  Yet it sometimes is the hardest thing to do, or even worse, the hardest thing to ask for.  Think of that when you struggle yourself, or judge yourself, or judge others, or are judged by others.  Think of how many of us not only need help at times, but are capable of providing help.  A simple, “hi how are you?”  A few “good job”s”, or a “I believe in you” here and there can change the world.  You can literally set someone’s soul on fire simply by looking into their eyes, and saying it as if it was etched into a sacred stone, “you can do it!  “I know you can!”  “I believe in you!”

I believe, in, you!

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