What are your nightlife plans this summer?

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Days are great for being productive and working hard but nights are when most of us truly come alive!  Everyone has a different taste when its comes to the dark life.  Many enjoy fine dining and a glass of wine say around 8 or 9PM.  Others grab and Uber with their friends and don’t even think about getting downtown until 10:30-11PM.  Whatever your preference is the night brings out the best in a lot of us.  We shed our stress and our discipline, throw on some attractive and maybe even revealing clothes, and become our other side.  We let the inner beast out and show the world that their is more to us than our daily grind.

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You might be the one that enjoys to travel a lot.  Whether you make great living and can afford to, or your the type to scrounge up some last minute cash to kiss everything goodbye for a weekend, getting to experience somewhere new is nothing less than enticing.  It’s almost as if you shed your home life and identity and form a new one.  No one knows who you are, you can’t stop smiling because you feel more free than ever, and people just love you for it!

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It doesn’t matter if you throw back drinks or take the stealth “water on the rocks” approach, everyone is out for a reason.  You want to have fun and let go.  You want to remember why you are alive and why you want to be.  You miss the freedom and being overwhelmed with excitement and uncertainty.  You tell yourself that you wish every single day of your life could feel that good.  If only freedom like that was your 24/7 job.  Wouldn’t that be incredible?  Then again, if you worked hard to find a solution, and focused on finding ways to become more free to travel and work from anywhere, wouldn’t it be possible?  I don’t know about you but I believe it can.  In fact, my belief is the one thing keeping me alive.  It’s the one thing keeping me going day in and day out.  So keep believing and maintain your joy.  Remember the night!

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