Do you ever feel overwhelmed and end up pulling yourself in many directions?

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Some of us have many great ideas and plans but struggle to get anything done.  Whether its a potential disorder such as ADD or ADHD, or just a matter of some anxiety or the result of a creative mind, it can be tough sorting things out.  One thing I think is hard is that our lives are filled up so quickly with the things we aren’t passionate about that are minds desperately try to hold onto our dreams and to what gives us enjoyment, even if we aren’t actually making time for them.  I feel this way all of the time.  Now that I have more time lately I want to make the most of it.  This kind of gets back to the point of always having to fill up our days and stay busy.  Its such a rat race and I hate having to almost stop myself and be like, “Mike enjoy the moment!”

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So to give you an example I’m on my computer right now.  Computers are great because you can do so much with them but they are also very overwhelming.  You can have many tabs open and you claim you are multitasking but you really aren’t.  Don’t hang your head, we all do it but its the perfect example of how our brains are constantly moving.  On my computer I’m looking at stocks, listening to music, now writing this post, and before I finally opened up Logic Pro to play around and try and make some music like I used to.  I haven’t opened that program up in a minute and its kind of sad.  I love music and I want to get more involved with it as a hobby but I’m always so damn busy or worse my mind doesn’t put it first so I don’t always think of it when I should.  I miss it even as a novice.

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The best part about having a blog is now I can take my thoughts and give them to you.  I can relate and use it as a fuel source.  Remember that positive energy post I made?  Now at least I have this outlet to channel all of the scattered thoughts and desires and maybe help someone in the process.  The best part is I feel like I am almost recycling all of the noise and the distractions and putting them into something beautiful and new!  What are you capable of channeling when you push yourself?

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I’m going to the gym soon which is probably the best part of the day for me.  Its my escape and I feel like I am accomplishing something and I don’t have to put much thought into it.  I just pick up the weights and do what feels right.  I focus on what feels good and where I need to balance my body for the week.  Lifting combined with good music takes me to a place where I don’t ever want to come back from.  Right now I’m listing to a trap mix on youtube from  the trap city channel.  I love these remixes and songs in general.  They just make we want to jump up and go through walls as if nothing is even in my way.  I love that feeling.  You feel invincible!

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Whatever is your thing or whatever you want to be your thing today, just do it!  Make the time, shake things up and just go!  Be happy!  Fight for yourself and do what you want right now in this moment.  You won’t get this moment back again.  You need to be happy because it will keep you alive for much longer than if you are not.  Happiness and inter peace are the keys to a life where you feel like you are inhaling versus suffocating.  You and I are capable of great joy and great purpose.  So go out into the world today with your head high and your shoulders back.  Take in that deep breath and focus.  Tell yourself today is my day and today my life changes.  Take that leap, that step forward, and that risk.  Lead by example and watch the world change around you.  I’m sure I’ll see you out there!  I know someone will!

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