5 Things You Should Know About Men That Are Different

When it comes to meeting new people or putting yourself out there, it can be a challenge letting people in. For women especially dating and trying to find the right guy, it can be harder than ever these days. It’s funny, you post your best selfies, where your sexiest outfits, even try flirting here and there but nothing seems to give. You might be asking yourself if you are doing anything wrong. Maybe you worry if you are attractive or fun. So what do guys want?

One thing you should know is that men are different from each other. Yes I hate to break it to you but believe it or not you can’t use your, “all guys are the same”, card every time you choose the wrong guy. It’s okay though, there are some little tips that can help when it comes to dating and knowing what to look for. These are just some things I think you should know.

1. Not all men are the same so adjust your perspective

Believe it or not despite how many bad dates you went on, or how many horrible guys you have dated, not all men are bad. The problem is that women can attract the same kinds of men one after another but simply aren’t aware of it. The reason is most likely, is because as a woman you just like anyone else, tend to stick to what and who you are familiar with. You basically create a filter based on past experiences and your initial attraction is probably what sets you up for the same trap every time.

2. Men don’t respond well to a woman who doesn’t give them their best

So you see a guy that catches your eye. You are at a bar or are just out and about, and what do you do? Probably nothing, or even worse you make actions that are so subtle even an FBI agent couldn’t pick up on them. Subtlety is cute I guess if the guy even notices it. Try a more direct approach and for the love of God make some eye contact! If he’s confident he will look right back at you and appreciate it. From there the rest is body language and a few steps forward.

3. Guys aren’t allowed to be polite anymore because women don’t know how to take it

Okay so this one is a big one. Have you ever had a guy make eye contact with you and smile, then you just look at him as if Botox has a complete hold of your face? Yeah don’t do that. For one, it’s awkward, and two, it makes the guy feel like he should go walk into traffic. Like is it stupid to be polite or to make eye contact? I guess revert back to #2 and give it a little more thought. This happened at the mall the other day, and I’m like whatever.

4. Some guys are actually good but may have been painted in a bad light

Alright so have you ever met someone and their first impression on you wasn’t exactly the best? You know that one time he may have had a few too many drinks, or messed up? Don’t overthink it. I’m not saying give a narcissist a second chance I’m just saying use your judgement and see the vibe you get. You never know a couple dates might give the guy a chance to show you his best and maybe even how much he actually cares about you. If only women knew how some guys really care for them it would probably make them weak.

5. Men don’t like women that are cold and rude

So this goes both ways but many women don’t have a filter, and the sad part is they are actually proud of it for some messed up reason. It’s not good to not care about the feelings of other people. It’s not “bold” or strong to constantly put yourself and your insecurities before everyone else. Trust me men can see right through your resting bitch face and bad ones are probably just going to use it against you. You thought you were tough and strong until you wake up in some guy’s bed thinking you were the one in control. Karma has a bad way of finding its way back to all of us. So be careful how you act because you might not enjoy what you attract. If you are in his bed I can assure you the joke is on you.

6. Men don’t like women who cant communicate well

So congratulations you are the “one text every twelves hours” girl, holding the world record. Yeah no one cares. One thing men can’t stand is a woman who can’t even text well. Texting was designed for convenience. You literally can have the same conversation last for tens days straight simply buy continuing a text. If you suck at texting, then try calling! Oh my God yes I just said it, “call someone!” I know oooooooooo, scary! If you suck at texting, and you suck at calling you better be good at su…, okay never mind. Moving forward!

The point is real men like the things you probably used to do before you learned the wrong things. The chasing, the games, the attention seeking, its not attractive. What sucks is that those things attract the wrong men, and the men you need or who probably really like you will always be outside of that. Be careful because once you get into the cycle of attracting the wrong people and doing the wrong things it becomes very hard to not become that. So don’t lose yourself. Trust me there is a guy out there waiting for you to do the right thing.

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