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So today I’m at the Summit mall in Fairlawn because I need my screen repaired. My new iPhone X wasn’t working and I needed to get it checked out. It took a little bit of time but the Apple store was able to help me and and now I’m up and running writing this blog post for you guys.

So this week is the first official week of temporary retirement. Last week I left my job and for the first time in a long time I am taking a break from life. Yes I said it, I need a break from life! I’m guessing you probably do too! It’s summer and we all work hard but we don’t always have time to do what we want when we want and life is moving fast.

So far I’ve been keeping busy with some side work for my brother and soon my parents as well. Working outside and around the house is nice, getting paid to do it is even better. I’m taking it all day by day and living at home helps a lot for sure. I just want to do things differently. I want to stop and make a plan versus jumping back on the hamster wheel.

I want to live more in the moment. I saw a video clip recently of Mike Posner being interviewed on Impact Theory. He was talking about how he went away and lived primitively for a week. He talked about how his brain would automatically start filling up the day with things to do and how he had to combat that. I struggle with this as well. This is why I also wanted to take a break and regroup. Society keeps us moving but not always for the right reasons or in the right direction. We need to regain control of ourselves and our lives and do what is best for us. We have to remember that other people and things are most likely keeping their best interest in mind over yours. It’s up to you to do the same. It keeps balance in the world.

Whether you need a break or want to try something new, take it seriously and plan for it. Sometimes you don’t plan for it and just do it! You have to ask yourself sometimes what is the worst that will happen. Mel Robbins talks about combatting that by a planning solutions ahead of time. It seems like it’s almost a positive rationalization versus a traditional negative or stressful one. I like it! If you do that then you take the fear out of everything. Sometimes even if you don’t have a plan just try taking a leap of faith and realize that the cliff was actually just a step the whole time. You just gave it more power than it actually possessed.

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