Don’t let people’s opinions scare you into not trying something you want

I don’t know what it is, but a lot of people love asking the question, “well why would you want to do that?”  I’m sure you have either heard that before, or even worse, said that before to someone trying to tell you something.  The one thing I can’t stand is when I get excited about a new idea, and people just immediately down play it.  Sometimes I ask myself is the world really that negative?  Is that how limited and small minded we have become?  Do we really have to question everyone every time they say something that goes against doing the same shit everyone else is doing?  I’m afraid it has and to be honest, it is probably the most frustrating thing being different, and thinking differently.

I don’t know if you’ve notice but there are a lot of people in history that created great wonders we take for granted today.  It’s funny because back then everyone else focused their efforts on mocking them instead of cheering them on.  Everyone is an expert on telling people what they can’t do, instead of what they can do.  All I can say is from personal experience, your only adding more fuel to the fire.  It’s funny nobody wants to be around a failure but everyone loves being next to the most successful person in the room.  If only they knew how much of a failure that person was before he succeeded maybe they wouldn’t actually stand so close.  I mean, who would want to be associated with a failure right?

Sometimes even my own family, although they mean well, question my dreams or ideas. They don’t mean to, they are just programmed that way.  Everyone to me seems so concerned and scared when you talk to them about doing something big.  They act as if you are trying to commit  a crime or commit suicide.  Its like, “no I’m just trying  to do something fun and something big with my life.”  I would kind of like to be someone that makes history versus someone that just admires it.

Back in the day it seems the country was founded on pioneers and entrepreneurs.  Then college was the only ticket to the American dream.  Now its like everyone is trying to become an entrepreneur do to technology and everyone talking about it through social media, or everyone just wanting their freedom.  I mean wouldn’t you like to make money doing something you enjoy and being able to do it when and where you wanted to?  I know I know, I’m sorry, I probably just scared the shit out you.  Remember I’m one of those “dreamers”, probably a little bit crazy wink wink.

Unfortunately due to being very analytic I think all of the time.  My brain is always going and sometimes its probably just anxiety.  The plus side though is that my imagination is still being fed.  I keep it alive and its continuing to grow.  I’m slowly starting to put some things to action, like this blog, and being able to say that I actually am capable of doing the things I so call “preach” about.  I wan’t people to believe in themselves and not give up.  I hate it when people talk down about an idea or want you to just stick with some job so you can retire and have healthcare.  Society has funneled everything so much into almost a trap that it makes it hard to think for yourself sometimes.  Plus everyone around you is the campaign ad and salesman for why you should play it safe and just get a job.  I mean don’t you want to retire with all of that money when you are like sixty seven?  I mean at that point you are so young and full of life.  Don’t you want to spend all of that hard earned money on medical bills, taxes, and your very own luxury funeral?  Give me a break.  If you are thinking what I am thinking that doesn’t make any damn sense at all.  Life is short and I can’t afford to not be a dreamer and come up with at least one amazing thing to change my life!

If you are reading this I want to thank you.  Most people don’t have the attention span for blogs or for reading in general.  I guess its a dying art.  For those of you being the proud and chosen few, I’m glad you can take the time to listen to me and maybe see my perspective on some things.  There were so many times I doubted myself and still do based on what I was taught and what I was told.  That sad part is everyone says they are looking out for you but in reality it almost seems like they are only looking out for themselves and their own fear of change.  If they are willing to sacrifice you for themselves, then why shouldn’t you prioritize “you” for yourself!

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