Imagination can be as vast as space


sky space milky way stars
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Are you the type of person that takes the time to enjoy some deep thinking?  Do you ever stop and just look at the world simply to discover it?  There are so many unknowns and so many beautiful things out there that can make us feel small.  Much like these photos the wonders of the world and our universe are stunning!  One thing I like about space, stars, and even science fiction, is that it takes imagination to a vast and almost infinite level.  Whenever I have any self doubt or think I can’t do something, I like to think of the universe.  The way everything has formed, and how it has formed is enough to know that I am apart of many great things that are much bigger than myself.  These things, and the human ability to discover and utilize them is what amazes me.  It allows me to posses the opportunity and the courage to believe!

seashore during nighttime
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One thing I want you to think of especially if you are currently struggling with anything, is how amazing the world and universe is.  Whenever you think of limits, or get self doubt, or become surrounded by negativity or people with a limited imagination, think of what you are apart of and how you are connected.  You and myself are apart of something beautiful and strong.  The universe and the cosmos are highly complex.  The way the planets in our solar system are aligned with gravity keeping everything together, alone is something to be fascinated by.  The moon and the way it’s own gravity pulls the ocean tides, or how the sun reflects off of it, making it seem as though it glows at night, is breathtaking.

eye of the storm image from outer space
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Okay so I’m pretty sure this is a storm or some sort of hurricane but I thought it looked cool so we are just going to go with it.  So I was saying, basically is that you just like myself are capable of anything.  We all have our limits, but we also have our strengths.  We can learn new things and take control of our lives.  We can fight day in and day out and never choose to give up.  As long as we have a breath to take we can go after our dreams follow our hearts no matter what anyone else says or thinks.  Even now I’m writing this next to a fire with my parents, I’m 26 and still trying to figure things out.   I do know though at the end of the day I am very blessed and there is more good in my life than bad.  We can all choose to focus on the positives and to seek help and create positive change.  Just remember whenever you have any doubt or begin to worry, just stop and take a second to look up.  You just might see one of the greatest maps to your life and purpose.  I truly believe your imagination holds the key.

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