Why us Scorpios deserve to be recognized

A beautiful woman once told me that as Scorpios, “we love hard, and we hurt harder.” Hearing that from her always stuck with me. As Scorpios we know all about feeling and emotion. Our strength comes from our intuition, and our very detailed and acute observations.

When you read about Scorpios you see good but also bad. Some depictions say we are very enticing, almost devilish in our charm and in our alluring nature. Thy say our deep passion, and lust although tempting, can be dangerous for those that aren’t prepared for our true power. They say to be careful around us, that it isn’t safe, and that we cannot be trusted.

Then there is the other side. They say we are also very loyal. We are deeply passionate and strong. We are the type that will give you our best as long as it is returned to us. On the contrary if you give us your worst, well, we will return the favor ten-fold! Yes we are a wonder but, also a terror. So what do you believe we are?

When I think of myself as a Scorpio I think of myself as a protector. The ones I love or care deeply for, I am willing to be there for, and to protect no matter the risk. I see us Scorpios as those who create balance in the world. We fight against evil and instill love into the universe. We are here to serve and to accomplish great things. We are here to help, and to sacrifice for others. We are here to give back, and to create a positive impact.

Whether you are a Scorpio, or a lover of one, know that that Scorpios are special. They are something very deep and different from anyone, or anything else. They are here for a reason. Scorpios will show you things that you have yet to see. They will lead you and guide you along a journey that will allow you to find yourself in ways you may not discover alone. Be careful though, just like other signs and people there are Scorpios that are good, but also those that are evil. It is up to you to decide. It is your responsibility to uncover the truth. For I know the true power and strength that lays within.

Remember we are charming, we are brave, and we are strong. We love deeply and we hurt like no other. We feel everything, and understand everything. We see things others cannot perceive. We are here for a reason and a purpose. For we are Scorpios.

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