Saturday’s are great for last minute plans

So yes, as you can see from the cover photo this post has to do with firearms.  Why might you ask?  Well, its because I’m going to a gun show soon.  I wasn’t planning on it but someone was looking to go and asked so I was up for it.  I haven’t been to one in a long time but they are nice because you can usually find good prices, not only on firearms themselves, but on ammo for stocking up for the next outing.

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When I normally go shooting it is usually with my dad and my brother.  My dad is the one who got me and my brother into firearms in general and also the one that taught us proper safety, and educated us when handling and shooting firearms.  Respecting and understanding firearms are a large part of the culture.  Firearms can be a sensitive subject for many who do not understand the culture.  It is best to show respect and understanding to others by being professional and safe.  The nice part of having good educate is that you can show people that aren’t used to firearms, that there is a safe and effective way to not only handle them, but also to enjoy them!

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What I’m mainly going to be looking for today is 9mm ammo for my Glock 19.  The nice thing about having a 9mm is that they are more affordable to shoot than say a .45.  I have a .45 as well and it can get a little expensive especially when you are shooting more often.  The Glock is also nice because for me it feels really comfortable and stable to shoot.  With enough practice and proper technique it doesn’t take long to start becoming more accurate with target shooting.  I always thought it would really be fun to get into competition shooting one day, particularly 3-Gun.  Being able to perform well with competition shooting with pistols, shotguns, and rifles, would be a great accomplishment.

Whether you are an avid firearm owner or marksman, or someone with a basic curiosity or interest, the hobby is something worth looking into and educating yourself about. I feel that if anything learning more about anything new can create a greater understanding on any subject, and maybe even a new respect or appreciation.

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