Taking a break from life is probably just what you need

Taking a break from life is the perfect thing to get yourself back on track. Putting work and everything else before your own happiness eventually burns you out. We live in a society where you work most of your entire life, live for the weekend which is only two days, one day where you actually can do something without worrying about the next, and that’s it! We work until we either retire or our body’s give out. We work and work some more to pay bills and buy things we don’t need. We get involved in the rat race and before you know it we are old and then we die. Kind of depressing when you map it all out right?

Well you should be upset or at the very least scratching your head and going, “well that doesn’t seem right.” And you are correct, it really isn’t. The problem is if you don’t stop and take a break every now and then to reevaluate your life and your happiness, you might not ever find it.

Sure can you live life day by day and just have faith or hope, or just act like you don’t care? Sure, why not! But do you think I’m the long run it will help? Taking a break from thinking is healthy for sure, I would know, especially being very analytic. But even I know that if I don’t look at my life and clearly map the things I want out of it, I might not ever build up the courage to strive for what, I’m capable of, I deserve, and what truly makes me happy! I suggest once in a while, just my opinion, to ask yourself what you want clearly, and how you plan on getting it. Life is too short not to remember the purpose of it, which I believe is joy and finding “purpose”, itself.

Since we are talking about taking breaks and a little reflecting, I’m going camping soon with some family. The best part about it is that I don’t thing I’ve gone in a couple years and it feels like forever. Missing out on things you love because of work or school, or both really sucks! Sometimes you ask yourself is it worth it? When you look at it from a “responsible” point of view, the grinding and missing out on “the fun”, for long term potential and “success”, seems like a good idea. Depending on your perspective though, when the thought of missing out on family time and making memories with people you love and who are mortal, its kind of sad. I mean people grow old and die and we can’t rewind time. So why do the other things we really don’t want to do anyways, even matter. I’m not saying don’t go to school or stop working and become homeless, I’m also not saying to not do that, but I just think we need to remember the important things. The societal pressures are exhausting and sometimes very meaningless.

I think we should put happiness and growth before a lot of things. This life is short as I always say and we should all get to be truly happy. Stressing over exams or boring lectures, or a job that really doesn’t pay that much, yet consumes most of your life, probably isn’t worth the stress and misery. Find what makes you happy and what fulfills you, and try to combine that to make a living. I feel like if you do that and do good by the world, then that’s your ticket to success, happiness, and freedom!

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