Follow your heart and try something new!

Have you ever had a dream?  Was is it a big one?  Was it a beautiful vision, something magical?  I bet whatever it was it was very personal and it probably made you feel really good inside.  I bet that dream you had, whether you were little, or older, made you smile and feel really warm.  You know that feeling, almost that falling in love feeling, where your body tingles all over and you feel your nervous system spark and ignite your entire body! That feeling is amazing, but it only seems to last for a moment.  Then its gone.  So how do we find that feeling again?  How do we hold onto it and never let it go?  If there is still a small spark left in the back of your mind, how do you set it ablaze?  Where can you find the fuel?

Although it may have been an old idea, if you haven’t taken the action yet I believe that it is still something very new!  Many of us have great ideas that come from within.  They come from our heart and soul and they are things that can change the world.  The feelings and desires are apart of our purpose to make a difference.  The sad truth is if we don’t act on them, the world and ourselves might not ever see the day they become alive. They might not ever make it.

Many people and their dreams end up dying very young.  Its sad because most people are just about to find their purpose and their “way out” right when they give up.  So many of us are along our path and are about to reap our sewn seed, but we stop fighting. You have to fight everyday for your little spark and start to grow it gradually until it becomes apart of who you are.

A lot of us have enough time and resources to get back on track to our childhood dreams.  For those of you who feel you are too old or are too busy, or have too many kids, or struggles, you still have time too.  Things might seem harder but they will never get easier if you don’t put in the same time and effort into your dreams, as you do your struggles.  It’s funny, I’ve commuted to school, got stuck in rush-hour traffic taking an hour one way, five days a week, sat through four hours of classes or more, half hour commute home, and then having homework and trying to workout, along with a job.  That was insanity and I wasn’t really sure if I even wanted college, I still don’t know, because about seven years later, I’m still trying to finish.  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves where can we cut obligations, and start new ones.  Are we even happy?  Are the things we are doing really what we are meant for or are what “we” even want to do?

Influence is everywhere from societal pressures and norms, to close friends and family.  Everyone is afraid to do anything no one else has done because it seems risky.  You ever notice though that most people go off of word of mouth alone with no actual facts or evidence?  We end up believing that and letting it dictate where we go in our lives and what we want and don’t want.  Most times we just give up because of someone’s opinion and because we don’t have enough knowledge on our dreams to argue against them.  So that spark and excitement dies as fast as it was conceived!  Doesn’t that seem odd?  Is that really fair?

I believe in you and in myself or I wouldn’t be writing this.  We all have to fight for our dreams and self educate ourselves on them.  The more information and understanding you acquire on your dreams, the less fear and wondering you will have.  When some questions  you on what you want and where you are going, you will be able to argue you against them and debate with real, concrete evidence that they do not have on the subject.  Believe it or not you will find yourself changing people’s opinions on the subject just by educating them.  They just might even begin to support you.  You have to do the work though!  You have to really show yourself and others how bad you want something and that you are willing to put the work in.  Start small, but stay consistent.  Before you know it you will blink and you will be living your dream and inspiring others.  I think I am!

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