What if we just focused on our progress?

Too many times we find ourselves falling short of our own expectations. If you are someone with an incredible imagination or consider yourself an avid daydreamer, you know the struggle between your vision and your current reality.

For those that are bold enough to dream and have great vision, you tend to face the greatest challenges. One challenge in particular is consistent self belief. Those that dream big and want more out of life tend to be the hardest on themselves. They expect the most out of themselves especially when they start becoming aware of their difference and ability to understand the meaning of life.

Many of us including myself are greatly inpatient. We have been daydreaming our entire lives and the older we get the more we find ourselves becoming more of ourselves. The things we thought about are now hardwired into our vision! We don’t let people sway our judgement or distract us from the things we want. We understand now that we were always different for a reason and now choosing to embrace that potential and understanding more than ever! We set ourselves apart because being different and seeing the bigger picture is not only a gift and blessing, but a call to action and an act of service to the world and the people we love and care about. It is now our purpose, our duty!

As human beings we are great at comparing ourselves. With the internet we not only learn for ourselves, but we compare and judge ourselves. We grow our strength and courage while simultaneously building our self doubt. We struggle to focus on the positives and eliminate the negatives. We get so caught up in where we are trying to go that we forget how far and how strong we have become.

Today is a new day. Today we choose to think differently. Today we choose to be more positive. We don’t turn our back on our goals or our dreams, we focus and work diligently, but at the same time we now understand the process. Now we are patient because we can choose to be. Now we will not beat ourselves up, but build ourselves up. Now we are more intelligent, we know that we are different from the rest and that we are trying. We know in the end we will find our way.

No matter what life throws at you or what you throw at yourself, you can make changes. You can start right now becoming happier and more confident than ever before. Like a switch you can turn on your potential and your light simply by allowing yourself to be happy. Allow yourself to be proud and patient because you deserve peace rather than anxiety. You have what it takes and you are working diligently. Take a deep breath, pull back a bit, regroup and focus. If you are doing, then you probably don’t have to worry too much about thinking. So stop over thinking and enjoy the fact that you are on the right path and that you will reach your potential!

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