Men want the little things too

A lot of people think of men and women as completely separate.  Men want this, women want that, we are just different.  People think that women want the romance and thoughtfulness, and men want the sex and the food on the stove.  The truth is there are a lot of men out there that are just different.  Women talk about certain guys and what they don’t do, but wish they did, when in reality a lot of guys that are out there do the little things and also want the little things.  Men want the little things too!

A lot of men work very hard.  Men also can put a lot of pressure on themselves.  Let’s face it no woman wakes up and says, “ahh…I wan’t to find a man thats sweet and broke!” Men just like women have societal pressures and certain men put even more pressure on themselves.  As they get older their dreams and visions grow and they begin asking the bigger questions.  They start asking things like, “what’s my purpose?”  “Who and what am I meant to be?”  “How am I going to change the world?”  How am I going to become something great, someone successful?”  “How am I going to be a better husband, a better father?”

Yes at the surface these questions might seem simple but the personal meaning behind them can be much, much more!  Some men, and thanks to social media, are constantly comparing themselves to some of the hardest working, and most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen of the world!  Even athletes and olympians or military personnel have their heroic tales in the media and online.  Men including myself, are constantly reading articles and blogs, looking into ways to make money, and trying to learn new things.  Some of us are trying to start businesses, learn how to trade or invest stocks, currencies, or ETF’s, or a number of different things.  Some men are taking risks and trying to get approved for $50-$100,000 loans, and terrified but willing roll the dice.

So where am I getting at?  Well remember “men want the little things too!”  Men want a good woman to come home to.  Men want a woman to be there when everything feels like its crumbling, and they feel like a failure.  Men want a best friend that understands, and trusts them like no one else.  We want our soulmate!  We want to come home and just cuddle on the couch and forget the world!  Men want true love!  Men want the woman that looks at them and just knows how valuable they are, and how hard they work.  Men just want a person that understands the highs and lows, and still has their back at the end of the day.  Men just want someone that respects them and treats them the way that they truly work for, and deserve!

So ladies if you have a man or a husband keep these things in mind.  Some of you have really great guys in your life that go great lengths to take care of you and your family.  Although you both work together as a team, men have their own pressures just like women.  I’m not writing this as some sob story or begging for sympathy on behalf of other men.  What I’m saying is that some women just don’t really know how hard men are on themselves, and how much they try to push themselves to succeed.  Some men wake up and are disappointed because they don’t want to be average and simply terrified of that word alone!

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