It’s 1:21am and I can’t sleep…

So it’s 1:21am and I can’t sleep. I’m sure a lot of you have been there and maybe some of you will read this in the early morning hours when you are having trouble catching some z’s. So I can’t help but want to try and be more productive with my time and to make the most of life. It’s summer and the weather has been beautiful! Winter has passed so now it’s time to become the best while there is time. I guess it kicks off with this post!

So recently I’ve been craving more change. If you’ve read my last post I talked about quitting my job. I’m still am considering it, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I need some more time and a little more planning. I’m grateful to have a decent paying job. I’m just ready to fulfill my potential. I’m not getting any younger and I believe strongly in the fact that if you already have the desire for change and wanting more, then you need to follow it. That desire I believe is what guides you. It’s what pushes you to take risks and become better!


So what has changed? Well for starters I have been trying to learn more about investing. With all of the new technology and apps out there my interest has shifted towards that. I’m trying to learn more about stocks and understanding how they work and how companies and businesses fluctuate. It’s actually very interesting once you start taking a peak at it. The way money flows and travels around is interesting. I think I’ve even heard before that money needs to keep moving. It isn’t meant to stay in one place. That is why if you make the right investments you can grow your money. On the contrary say you save money and don’t do anything with it, it can never grow unless you add more personally which can take a lot of time.


Aside from that I think being more grateful and appreciative is going to be the focus as well. It’s a lot easier when the weather is nice for sure. Winter is always a battle and probably the biggest “building” season of the year. The cold weather and darkness gets to you after a while. If you are struggling with anything it feels ten times worse. At least it seems that way. I use the term “building” because it seems in those harsh months that you can grow a lot as a person. You fight your way through until you reach summer. Eventually you get to the point in life hopefully where every month feels like summer.


With warmer weather I’ve been wanting to detail cars more. It’s a great way to make extra money and it’s something I enjoy. Cars were always a favorite as a kid and I feel as I got older my childhood dreams just turned into bigger realities. They really don’t go away and I feel like that is so important. We have to fight for our childhood dreams because when we get older we have the power to make them real. When we are kids we only have enough power it seems to draw the blueprint!


Again I’d say my point here is to keep pushing and moving forward, while trying to be grateful. I mean you woke up today, that in itself is a blessing. My sister is going to have to put her dog down in the next day or so. I also heard through the local community that someone has passed. You just never know what is going to happen in life. I’d say try and be as positive and as kind as possible.  Its a struggle I know, I have trouble too.  You have the power to put positive energy into the world and into peoples lives! You can be the difference that someone needs. You can choose to believe!

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