Are you doing what you love? If not what are you waiting for?

So I have been toying with the notion of quitting my job.  I want to be happy and I just want change.  I’m not even afraid anymore I just want what I want that bad.  School has been rough and I’m just trying to finish.  Most of all I just want to be happy.  Some say if you don’t love what you are doing than why are you doing it?  If you aren’t in love with every moment of your day or at least the majority of it, then what is missing?  If you work a job and you aren’t making a killing or have a family to feed than what is stopping you from changing?  Hell even if you do have those things if you can still find a way shouldn’t you?  I mean, two, three, four or more years at one place seems kind of sedentary right?  I mean unless you plan on advancing or doing anything with the job you are at then it probably isn’t a horrible idea to make change.  I’m 26 years old, I’m still at home,  and like I’ve mentioned before that little voice in my head is getting louder and louder.  It’s fighting back and apart of me is ready to be more bold.  I mean I believe the universe is guiding me and pulling me.  I’d rather risk and fail than turn my back on my destiny.  After all the clock is ticking and even I understand how precious it is.  The question is do you?

Right now I’m trying to finish up projects for school.  I struggled this whole semester giving the bare minimum because I can’t take it anymore.  Papers, discussion boards, reading things we don’t have time to read and apply anyways, is getting old.  I have been in college for about seven years with only an associates to show for it.  I am very close to my bachelors which is why I will finish very soon but to be honest I’m just tired!

I’m tired of doing what I don’t want to do, they say that builds discipline.  I’m so sick and tired of not smiling enough, because I’m not doing enough of the things I enjoy, because I’m forced to do the things I don’t.   Does that make sense?  I guess I’m building character.  I mean sure it’s teaching me how to become obediant and potentially work for someone else, but what if I don’t want that?  What if I want to be free?  Yeah yeah I know you can use your degrees to become very successful entrepreneurs and they are great tools to get your foot in the door or to specialize, I’m not discrediting that, I’m just frustrated.

Yes I know.  I know the optimistic and growth side.  I can use my degree to help me.  I can continue my education and pursue a masters potentially and maybe even a doctorate.  It would be nice to have the background to market myself and to have more knowledge.  Maybe I will go that route.  I will keep you updated when the time comes.  But what about right now?  What about this very moment.  I have all of these day dreams and visions and paint these beautiful portraits of what I think my life should be, and could be!  I’m sick of seeing how beautiful they are but not having it in reality for the world to see.  Doesn’t the world deserve that?  Don’t you deserve to experience my full potential especially if it creates positive change in the world.  If it could inspire!

The say “fortune favors the bold.”  Well I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m pissed!  This is my life, my choice! I want to be happy!  I want to do and try the things I want to while there is still time.  Don’t you?  Don’t you want to pursue your dreams especially if they won’t kill you!  I mean is it that scary out there?  So what if we fall.  So what if we fail!  We will grow!  We will learn!  We can change.  Isn’t that worth it?  Isn’t that opportunity worth fighting for?  Yeah I know everyone is so good at coaching on how to make the safest choices.  Everyone knows all about playing it safe, they know how to be like everyone else!  Is that what you want to be?  I don’t!  I want to be me and I wan’t to be different because at the end of the day looking back on it all up until now, I always was!

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