Why taking risk is your ticket to finding who you are and what you deserve


Life is something we are supposed to live our way.  Life is short and is something personal.  You as a human being have your own brain, mind, heart, and soul.  You have free will and the beautiful gift of choice.  You also have the ability to learn anything you want.  It is easy to get caught up in doing what others think we should do or want for us, versus the things we really want and need.  If you don’t manage to get strong enough you might not ever have the courage to speak up and speak against the people and things inhibiting your growth.  If you do however want something bad enough I feel that you will start hearing that little voice that just won’t go away.  The voice that believes in you and that is speaking from your heart.


More often than not we don’t do some of the things that are best for ourselves because of fear.  So many times the things we want are just beyond or imaginary doorway of fear.  Our minds and our imaginations are what often prevent us from the life we deserve.  Our thoughts, something we cannot even see are almost as real and as powerful as someone standing in front of us literally building a brick wall, so that you cannot move forward.  We are in control of our lives and our fate.  We just have to develop more understanding as well as our individual skills.  We all have great things to offer this world but we need to find a way to give those little seeds more water and more time.


We all want to be happy but not everyone is.  Not everyone gets to the light at the end of tunnel because their heads are down and they don’t even see where they are going.  Belief is one of the most powerful things alone that can change your life.  Think of it as the seed.  You plant a belief or deep desire into your mind, and water and feed it with thoughts and ideas.  You end up keeping it alive!  When you keep something you want alive eventually you give it strength.  It’s like raising a child and protecting them until they grow strong enough to protect themselves.  You have to give your dreams and ideas time to grow and you must protect them.  They just might be your ticket to true happiness, and more importantly, true potential and growth.


Your future is in the palm of your hand.  With technology especially so much can be done from a smart phone.  You can write a blog like this, you can read and do research, you can learn by watching videos, you can connect with people and things all over the world, you can do anything!  Aside from a phone, technology in general can be utilized to try different things that can be fun and profitable.  In general there is a lot out there that this world offers.  Even if your goal is networking and making new friends, there are people out there with your similar vision and mindset or that even think bigger.  You surround yourself with the right positive energy and people, you can do anything.  Being in the right place at the right time with the right people, can be something you set up and create for yourself over time.  You can make the choice to change things up and see what happens.  Its on you.  So what are you going to do?

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