Dieting doesn’t actually have to kill you. Who knew?


Ok when most people probably think of dieting they probably think of something like this photo right here.  Yeah, if you are anyone trying to lose weight or begin a new and healthier lifestyle you might think that your life has to be over.  There are many assumptions about dieting that tend to focus on the extreme end of things.  If you are someone that thinks of dieting as no joy, no happiness and well, no life, then you are not alone.  Many have the idea that in order to become healthy you have to sell your soul to the “organic devil”, when in reality you just have to have a little faith and be willing to learn.  Doesn’t sound so scary right?  I know the nightmares still haunt you about that one carrot you ate, but try and stay with with me here.

“Sexy and fit right? I know I wish I had their stomachs too”

A good start to a healthier lifestyle is exercise.  Many people don’t know however, that diet is even more import than you may realize.  Although both are key to optimizing fat loss, muscle gain, and overall health benefits, diet is key to getting results.  I myself struggle to diet properly and therefore struggle to get the results I need.  My problem mainly is the amount of sodium I take in every day.  If you like fast food or processed foods, you could be getting large amounts of sodium that cause you to retain water, and gain weight as a result.  Now I am no health professional by any means, but after working out and talking with people who share the same passion for exercise, I’ve learned a thing or two.  Plus just looking at my own body day in and day out and watching it fluctuate with different foods I eat as well as water intake, I have been able to start to understand what my body is trying to tell me.  You can learn what your body needs and what works best for it through acquiring knowledge from credible sources as well as trial and error.  Everyone’s body is different along with their personal health.


So why does dieting not have to be so horrific?  The truth is that dieting comes down to basic nutrition.  Basic nutrition consist of numbers.   For example, serving size, grams, calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugars etc., are all things expressed with numbers usually on the back of food products.  These facts can also be found with organic foods like fruits and vegetables.  You might have to look them up sometimes but every food has its share of numbers.  So what do these numbers mean to you and how can they become your friend and not your enemy?


If you track your food and learn what your body needs and what it doesn’t need, you can loose weight and body fat without having to sacrifice everything you enjoy.  In fact when it comes to anything new, including body change, its best to ease into things and take small steps so that your body adjusts gradually.  You can learn to set limits and portions so that you can eat things you want, but control the amount you eat.  Now does this mean you can eat straight sugars and saturated fats all day.  No it doesn’t.  There is still going to be some big changes but they don’t have to feel big.  Sticking to whole foods instead of processed foods is the first step.  In doing so with that you can then incorporate specific foods depending on your dieting needs.  There is so much information online and in general to help you understand more of the specifics.  I just want to get you thinking and feel confident in creating positive change for yourself.  Over time, small but consistent steps could really end up changing your life for the better.  Doesn’t that sound kind of wonderful?


I want all of you to be happy.  I want you to get what you want and need out of this one life.  Sometimes things can seem impossible until you learn more about them.  “Knowledge is power” so they say,  and with it you can create understanding.  Once you begin to understand more about things you can then see them for what they are versus leaving them up to your imagination.  Anxiety works best when it is beside your creative imagination.  Don’t let that get to you.  Learn to manage your thoughts and understand how you think and feel.  Learn more about yourself and know that you can learn the things you wish and want to pursue.  You just have to take positive action.  You just have to believe!


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