Mornings are best for planning and creative thinking


Getting up in the morning can be a challenge.  Whether you are a morning person or someone who prefers to sleep in you know that getting up early isn’t always easy.  Right now for me it is 5:39 am.  I have to be at work soon and it is Sunday.  I have always had difficulty getting up and have always thought getting up early just didn’t make sense.  Although I prefer to start my day with at least some sunlight before attempting to function, I know that time is precious and there are great benefits for getting up early.


So what is an advantage to starting your day early?  Well for one, you can have time to do fasted cardio.  Many people try and burn more body fat by doing fasted cardio in the mornings right when they wake up.  If you have equipment at home this can be very useful.  Fasted cardio involves doing cardio exercise before eating.  To help wake up in the morning and get the day started you can do fasted cardio for say fifteen to twenty minutes and then have your first meal of the day afterwards.  This can help to burn body fat along with having a healthy diet and plenty of water.


Another advantage is getting a head start on the day and being able to map out your goals and tasks.  I struggle do be productive because I fail to create clear plans.  Creating lists on things you need to accomplish or get done helps to keep the plan for the day intact.  Without writing things down any or every distraction can interrupt things you have been wanting to give attention to.  This can be very frustrating and discouraging.  Especially if you are attempting something new and challenging, like a diet for example, it can derail you and make you feel like giving up before you even get the chance to start.  Keeping focused on the plan can help you execute it and maintain it’s importance to you and your life.

“We are happy because we are all in the same group text!”

Mornings may be hard to start but worth it once you get going.  In the morning you can become happier with your life because you are creating more time for your day. For example I wasn’t planning on creating a blog post this morning but because I got up earlier than usual I now have time to.  If you can get up early on your days off you can really make the most out of the day and fit a lot of things in.  So many of us claim we don’t have times for things but in reality, we are just not utilizing our time as efficiently as possible.  Don’t get me wrong it is a challenge for sure especially if it is a concept you may struggle to grasp.  Learning new things including time management can be harder for some than others and thats fine!  Doing the best you can and learning so you can grow and change positively is what counts!


Starting the day with a “good morning” can spark creativity.  Although being half asleep might seem to impair your thoughts it can actually do the opposite.  Once you get up and wake up you can really put your mind to work.  If you focus on a goal early in the morning or do some deep thinking, you can really come up with some amazing things!  If you have a challenge or problem for the day, and you start to think of solutions right from the get-go, you have more time for your mind to work it over.  I believe your brain can work on issues subconsciously once you plant the seed.  Even if it doesn’t come to you right away, giving your problem or goal attention and making it a focus, can help the solution to find its way to “you”!

“Hey look! It’s me in the morning!”

Whether you are new to the morning scene or are a regular there is something to be said about getting up and getting moving.  Even if you are not a morning person yet, you can learn to be.  You can learn anything new!  You are a human being, it’s just what you do.  You only have one life and making the best of it and the most of this precious time is something you deserve.  There will always be work, or school, or other obligations but you can choose to make time and find time for the things you love and the people you love.  You can make room for your dreams and devote time to brining them to life.  I brought this post to life and it was never meant to be written today.  If I didn’t get up maybe someone who needed to see this most, would have never gotten the chance!

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