Why do we believe in God? Why do we believe in Christ and the Holy Spirit?


Why do we believe in God?  Why do we believe in Jesus Christ?  Why do we believe in the Holy Spirit?  What is the point of faith?  If you weren’t raised or brought up with it you probably ask yourself this question.  If you do not believe in God or maybe anything, it might seem strange or almost foolish.  So why do we “choose to believe”?


Being a Christian isn’t just a choice, its an honor.  As Christians we posses a belief.  We have a connection with something we cannot see, touch, hear, taste, or smell physically.  Our senses, at least the ones we are conscious of, don’t apply to our faith.  Our faith sort of falls within the “sixth sense” so to speak.  It is a feeling that comes from within.  Some say it is a connection to the universe and the world itself, not a deity.  Whatever you believe in with this life, you are free to do so.  That is the beauty of free will and choice.  I just so happen to link it to my belief in Christianity.


There are many versions of faith and of Christianity.  For example I am a non-demonizational Christian and learn and build my faith and knowledge from my New International Version(NIV) Bible, or my Holy Bible app and select the NIV version.  This version has the new and old testament and is in terms that are easier to understand than some other versions.  This was just my preference.  What is nice about the app is that I can read the verse of the day every morning before I start my day.  I helps me to get off on the right foot and remain positive.  This helps a lot with work, school, relationships or any other challenges I might face or feel lost with.


As a Christian I give credit to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for my sins as well as the sins for all.  What does this mean exactly?  What this means, at least based on my personal belief and interpretation, is that he died so that I can live my life doing the best I can making my own choices.  Instead of being damned for my impurities or mistakes against myself and others, I can be saved.  What is the catch?  Well the catch is that I have to believe in him and his existence and believe in what he has done.  I have to give him credit and build a relationship with him.  I have to do the best I can and be the best I can.  Doesn’t seem so hard right?


So again what is the point in believing?  I mean we don’t have to right?  You are right!  We as people do not have to believe in anything.  We can indulge and do whatever we please.  Do you ever notice though what happens when sometimes we have too much freedom?  Maybe sometimes we party too hard, we have sex too much, we do things that we probably shouldn’t, but give into in the moment.  Basically what I am saying is we over indulge.  We drown sometimes in our own buffet of temptations and sometimes we really don’t even want to.  Sometimes we are just lonely, or lost, or just wanting the person or purpose we need to have reasons to not do the things we may be better than.  Mind you I am not judging you or anyone for the things I mentioned or anything else.  I sin all the time, but I just try and do my best and learn from my mistakes and from my faith.  God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all apart of a network and example of faith, discipline, and guidance.


Whatever you believe, if you are not harming others or spreading evil, I think that you will be fine.  I just choose to believe as a Christian.  I love my faith because it drives me and it is there for me.  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are there for me day in and day out.  I call upon God when I need help, but I also call just to say thanks.  I’ll tell God I miss him.  I’ll tell God thank you for the sun, and for small moments of joy.  Once in a while I’ll ask if God needs anything?  I’ll ask how he is doing and how he has been.  The connection and relationship is like no other.  I look at God like a father.  I believe he was there more so directly when I stumbled and was learning to walk and was more vulnerable, but as I got older he became available mainly for wisdom.  I’m older now.  I have to walk my own path and make my own choices, based on what he has taught me.  If there is anything I cannot handle or need him for an emergency, I can still call.  So I ask you.  What do you believe?  What will you choose?


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